Huge Triangular UFO emerges from Antarctica ice

​This UFO was detected via google in the Queen Maud land region of Antarctica.
Due to the thaw, its shape begins to emerge from the ice where it may have been buried for hundreds or even thousands of years.

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27 Comments on “Huge Triangular UFO emerges from Antarctica ice”

  1. EDIT – Disregard the comment below after watching the entire video it's definitely a bloody rock
    Man, that's the most unsymmetrical UFO I've ever seen in a pic or video in my life, what a crock.
    Unless that's just a small part of it which maybe more correct if you look to the rounded portion of ice to the right of it?
    Or its just half? That way it would make it symmetrical.
    Tbh i think it looks a hell of lot like some air vents from an underground base, and there are quite a few not only in Antarctica but everywhere around the world, just ask ex military personnel who've had missions in the Antarctic.

  2. That’s Hitler’s personal flying saucer. He flew it from Germany to Anartica to escape WWII. He stil Alive hiding tgere with Tupac just kicking it….

  3. You would think that because virtually every person on the planet now has instant access to a high definition video camera there would be such a huge number of excellent videos and photos of UFOs that their existence would be irrefutable. But guess what?……

  4. بسیار عالی فقط عکس از نظر تصویری کمی مبهم بود دیگه مسلم شده ما تو عالم تنها نیستیم

  5. 1:03 I don't know what it is but can anyone else see what looks like letters on the left side of screen a little below the very tip of the object? maybe someone was in trouble and trying to write something in the snow, but I can't make it out. maybe its another language?

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