Huge UFO Announcement Tomorrow

The Galileo Project headed by professor Avi Loeb will hold a press conference tomorrow, July 26th, at 12PM EDT. After that Dr. Brian Keating will be hosting the leaders of the project to discuss it.

To watch the Press Conference at 12 PM EDT:

To watch the discussion with the leaders from the Galileo Project on Dr. Brian Keating’s channel:


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Sarah Carter interview with Luis Elizondo:

Segment with David Fravor on Jeremy Corbell’s channel:


24 Comments on “Huge UFO Announcement Tomorrow”

  1. Avi Loeb is excommunicated. NOTHING HE SAYS MATTERS!!! NOTHING HE DOES MATTERS!!! Maybe it would mean something if Robert Penrose initiated all of this. But Avi Loeb… We're gonna have to wait 10-30 years to have Disclosure, and nothing Abi Loeb says or does is going to matter at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We have epigenetic memory of trauma,think, our stories don't glorify friend they can NEVER tell the people the truth. We are created to serve a non human species demonstrably superior says every ancient culture that managed to save the narrative from the church. That's why a well dries up in a village because it got decided to let a corporation have it. We're literally created for servitude. Inferiors and superiors is hard wired into us epigeneticly at an Ancestral dna level. They can't and won't tell "the truth". It goes beyond the corruption of a few its why we so readily accept and reorganise despite everything into a system of servitude and trickle up to the privileged few. What we will have is more mis direction and lies. Elizondo. LOL

  3. I have lived my 56 years 1.5 hours from the Pacific Ocean, I have played in it since I was a wee larvae. I love WATER 💙🤍💙

  4. The announcement is probably going to be "We're going to apply machine learning techniques and watch the sky ourselves removing the government blah blah blah"

  5. Water! I need some water after that long video 😉. But seriously, interesting and hopefully revealing times ahead with the announcement of this scientific study. I wonder with the recent methane emission announcements on Mars the other day if we'll get an announcement at some point in the near future that they have found evidence microbial life? Then that would confirm the universality of life, which in turn would then make disclosure pretty much a done deal? What do you think?

  6. But its not our government thats been keeping it a secret from us since the CIA was created. Also, its not just Americans that have been in the dark but the whole world!

  7. When "the data" is collected it is immediately move out of the public eye & into the hands of those that keep the secret! The data collector/s are told to forget about it & not to talk about it. At least thats how it used to work. Then, anyone who decided to speak out was ridiculed, fired & life destroyed if he was allowed to live. Thats how its was in every country in the world!

  8. It seems Avi Loeb is already falling into the trap of limited thinking by saying that if there are ET craft they are all AI as he says it's too far to travel here from other star systems. This is such a repeated psychological pattern where scientists seem to have a hard time considering that ET may have ways and means that they/we haven't even of dreamed of. If they keep deciding what the answer is going to be before they ask the question how will they discover something new….

  9. 3rd point, when you finally know everything, & you eventually will, & it will be a while until you do, you'll wish you could take it all back. You'll wish disclosure never happened!

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