20 Comments on “I-Team: New film claims UFOs monitored nuclear weapons”

  1. So let me get this straight. Testing of A-bombs give rise to UFO sightings. Even interactions of disarming the bombs. And these morons in the military still continue with the developments? How stupid would one really have to be to not figure out that these interventions are for our sake and that if these aliens crafts can do that to one country's system then they can do it to another one. Humanity is still so primitive. I'm so sad that I was born in a time where I probably won't see contact with another race. I would want to so badly hear about their history and philosophical stance on things

  2. My theory is that the reason of the Roswell Crash was because aliens were investigating the atomic bombs but crashed because their craft wasn’t used to the Earth’s atmosphere. Then there’s the Grenada Treaty

  3. The grays fears nukes and they send multiple ufos but failed xd U.S started dropping on japan because japan wasn't stopping killing civilian people in china and Asia also that's what happend to admiral richard byrd when he was missing in south pole and he come back with warring massage they fear nukes because they live under us

  4. Sick of news people tell a spot on ufo's and laughing entire time. I reported my sighting in 1976 in tucson at airport and davis monthan AFB. Same light as truck at RR track in close encounters but full year before movie came out. Still think about it have issue at times sleeping so from now on any tv news reporter starts laughing about it changing channel.

  5. I wonder if nuclear detonations cause interference to ufos in some way. Kind of like how personal FM transmitters can interfere with someone nearby listening to the radio. Maybe it messes with their transmissions or readings or something and they have been trying to tell us to knock it off.

  6. I have been studying this for many decades. There is records going back from catherine the great having each time conquer area armies she fought with stated they saw silver beams shoot out at catherines enemies. First world war numerous countries recorded in early papers especially England and USA mentioning disks floating around there encampment monitoring their weapons and movements. They have been doing this for thousands of years. They monitor our advancements and if dangerous to their plans or some sort they know how to stop it. Silly seti etc waste time sending out signals thinking they are the ones with brains contacting the aliens lol. They watch seti and look upon them as silly and must laugh at the doubters and seti thinking they do not exist. There is thousands of cases and films made before cgi and crashes to how christopher columbus discovered america. He mentions ufos came out water and lead him to shores america. They have plans of some sort for us whomever they maybe. How people deny they exist i find mind boggling. If even one photo or witness out of millions then ufo would still have to exist. Since ufo chariots been seen for over ten thousand years in skies it is impossible math wise all made it up. They exist simple as that and likely some leaders know this.

  7. Amazing! The thought of unknown intelligent life, with technology far exceeding our own, living somewhere amongst us blows my mind!

    There have been sightings of UFOs for centuries. There are similar drawings from different ancient civilizations depicting round and triangular flying objects that appear very similar to eachother and unlike anything of the time considering there were no man made flying objects at all until centuries later.

    One day i hope we will know the answers to the questions that we have been asking since the dawn of time. Are we alone? How did we get here?

    With those ancient drawings in mind, we can speculate that some kind of intelligent species may have been watching us for centuries with technology we can only dream of. It makes me wonder whether there is video footage of a time we are only aware of through writings and what's left of ancient civilizations, artifacts, and fossils.

    Its fascinating to think about.

  8. We are nothing more than protoplasm under a cosmic microscope to advanced beings. A virus, perhaps, infecting a possibly
    habitable world. Or maybe just observing for the "let's see if they commit suicide" moment in a long scale.

  9. They have several times attacke nuklear facilities and satelits. There are Video and documents about it.It is real.
    The brainwashing ' friendly aliens' is a part of manskind ostile strategy.
    That Video of declasified military documents both USA and USSR were deleted after few weeks.
    Same happened with Colares incident when a hole City and its people were under UFO attack. They have deleted that documetary too.
    They are no friends.

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