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  1. I can’t believe this information is still being kept from us and people still believe governments know nothing about them

  2. If there are any aliens in the universe, the second they see the shit people watch on tv, or the petty bullshit we fight over, or the fact that as a society we are OK with daily mass school shootings they will quarantine our neighborhood of the galaxy and wait for us to exterminate ourselves. I couldn't blame them. We are a virus with shoes, we'd just fuck up the rest of the universe.

  3. Let me tell you what's real….
    ghosts, demons, church and child molester within the church….bad horrible family members… Donald Trump was president. And that's real. bigfoot, the wisconsin wolf, skinwalkers… Real time travel real. our politicians acting like 3 and 4 year olds, incredibly real. Homeless people in america… Sadly real. Fake news, tic toc, YouTube, incredible inflation (1 box of gloves 40 bucks) very real….. Religion….
    But … UFOs … Being not real? R u crazy? Lol

  4. easy to find out….drive out to area 51 and ask them. Alien life has left clues all over earth, they've been here millions of yrs longer than us. The past 2yrs i have witnessed two things i cannot explain..A group of about 8-10 bluish/green lights which two of them flew away at a 90 deg angle and the others disappeared….then another occasion where a group of 3 lights grouped all together went right over the house barely 1,500 ft in the air vry slowly..no sound whatsoever.

  5. I gots say!!! To layer that type of metal…omg…god him self made that. Because we cant and dont know how to layer. That type of metal..1st you have to melt that than
    Get your chemistry rite…than to layer. It..that's a whole other process.
    I am wanting to know MORE

  6. Ok so you can melt biz…2800 deg…but to layer it like the way we seen takes smarts..
    And if some 1 knows more than me??I would love to hear…the process..I have an open mind..just keep on mind they layered it micro.
    So I am blown AWAY

  7. You run according to the principle called if we just believe enough in it then it will probably happen .. Adventure does not become reality just because you want it. Sorry

  8. I know this is old news, but…
    Very thin layered structures of bismuth and silver alloys are promising materials and structures for room temperature superconductivity research.

    Is there a connection?

  9. Just think of the conspiracy theorist and UFO people that the government allowed to look crazy. And so many other citizens joined along with the attackers. WELL LOOK AT WHO WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!

  10. Probably Hundreds of "Alien" specie's; my wonder is how they sound and look like I can't wait any longer but I don't know if we live long enough to see we might just keep getting teased

  11. Funny how they travel lights years across the vacuum of space but yet always crashing their intergalactic vehicles on earth 🌎 🤦‍♂️

  12. Who else has noticed the massive uptick in ‘stories’ about UFO’s & aliens?? Why? Hmmm….could big media ( in conjunction with big government ) be readying the public for an alleged invasion?? Maybe framing a narrative for the disappearance of millions of faithful believers after the Rapture??? Yeah…..

  13. I think the government has a destroyed spacecraft…..and they've been struggling to back-engineer it, because the technology is Thousands or MILLIONS of years more advanced than our understanding…..it's going to be a Long time before we can even comprehend it. We are basically cavemen, compared to more advanced civilizations.

  14. Its just a theory.

    So we know that sound frequencies can shatter metals at an atomic rate if played at certain frequencies for long enough. Bridges can be collapsed etc.

    What if we could find a way to potentially smelt metals together at an atomic rate with frequencies.

    Tesla created a machine that has never been reinvented that he claimed could demolish an entire building. If we could potentially combine liquid metals and then as they harden force sound through them they might combine in a way we never thought possible.

    Ancient civilizations bent rock. Some solid granite pillars play different tones even though they are cut the same. But density of the stone may not be declared by the human eye.

    Just a thought thanks

  15. LMAO a "ufo" could land in time square and it would be discredited. Good luck trying to get "disclosure". Free pointer, buy a butt plug to prep for all your probing.

  16. Some material can only be found on other planets, it's why the samples are Unknown

  17. I think that's layered metals using electrolysis….melt god abd iron one metal will float to top due to gravity meaning it was made on Earth not in vacuum…chane the extrude position for each layer and you have same skin…so I think this is known…to maybe help.keep satellite in orbit.

  18. It's a piece of Formika.looks exactly the same.Tou can get it at the garden center near you……SUCKERS!

  19. They find a mammoth frozen in ice it’s presented to world and studied and info given , but y’all have fucked this shit up for decades

  20. this should be a freaking human right for all humans know the truth about this. enough is enough we want to know

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