"I was Contracted to Help Conceal a UFO Crash" [COMPLETE] | Creepypasta Compilation

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38 Comments on “"I was Contracted to Help Conceal a UFO Crash" [COMPLETE] | Creepypasta Compilation”

  1. Yay! Another great long story to listen to. The longer ones are always my favorite. I love you! Keep doing what you are doing!

  2. Hey Mrcreepypasta, I just wanna say I love waiting for complete videos and then binging them in a row

  3. Hey MrCreepyPasta! Great seeing you at the Texas Haunter's Convention! Loved storytime. I was front table, AC/DC t-shirt. Hope you to see you next year!

  4. What a beautiful story! Traveling the world, looking for adventure, and making new friends. What more could you want?

  5. I got contracted to cover one a couple days ago. Yeah man it's like the 3rd one this month. So damn many.

  6. man imma be real this story felt so rushed all over the place that it was hard to follow
    the only other character with personality died in episode 3 and then we're left with a couple of dudes in our Main guy's squad who were introduced the episode before and both of them were barely developed throughout the whole story
    it went from Alien James Bond with Captain America super soldier serum to Stargate type alternate realities with a literally invincible main villain
    some plot points like Visor and his betrayal felt wasted, and it was hard to really feel for the characters cause they all came and went so fast. I'm not saying that this was bad, I just feel like it could've slowed down a lot. MCP did a fantastic job narrating it though!

  7. I listen to these with my phone locked so I got a good chuckle and a half seeing the option to watch this in 1080@60fps xD

  8. Halfway through listening to this I forgot it was a creepypasta and thought it was a plot leak for a Marvel or DC movie

  9. Holy crap such a good story.

    I wish that it would continue and that he would have used the portal device to try and go back.

  10. Bro you killed 1 but idk if you can kill them all… like there's prob infinite amounts of them… I guess there may be infinite amounts of you too futuristic tech music starts playing

  11. i think MR CREEPS NARATED THIS STORY THOUSANDS TIMES BETTER, SORREY//"THIS= KINDa blasphemy/crapp blasfemie whatever… anyway this= terrible unlistenable…..

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