IGN News – Gearbox, SEGA Sued Over Aliens: Colonial Marines

A class action lawsuit has been filed against SEGA and Gearbox regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines. In a lawsuit obtained by Polygon, plaintiff Damion Perrine claims “that Gearbox and Sega falsely advertised Aliens by showing demos at trade shows like PAX and E3 which didn’t end up being accurate representations of the final product.”

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News: Gearbox, SEGA Sued Over Aliens: Colonial Marines


41 Comments on “IGN News – Gearbox, SEGA Sued Over Aliens: Colonial Marines”

  1. They promised as a masterpiece and gave us a finger painting. I hope they have to give back every last penny they made on pre-orders and issue an official apology to all of us. They lied to screw us over end of story.

  2. I want a link to these lying trailers people are talking about. Ive been following this sense it was originally announced, and then canceled several times. I remember the trailers showing all the parts of the game that actually looked good. Sure those moments were horrible in the game but thats irrelevant. Trailers always make games look considerably better than they actually are. Like I said, I dont know a single game that plays anything like its trailers.

  3. No sega shouldn't because it wasn't just gear box making the game it had other companies coming in to make it gearbox were doing multiplayer while the other company done the campaign

  4. it wasnt just a trailer Randy called it gameplay of the game when bethesda showed there gameplay for skyrim it work just like it they showed it but for the gameplay that randy went with the xenos were coming come wall above jump on people from the walk breaking floors and attcking from the bottom, In the game all they did was rush you from the same area from what Iv seen the AI in that trailer was better then what they got xenos bodys didnt disappear out of the blue and it was just over allgood

  5. type in gearbox lie to sega,2k in to google, and if thats the case sega should sue the lot of them if what the guy said is true

  6. EA is just a publisher, they can however put this on Bioware, still though, they could probably end up with uncomplete content and ridiculous prices! About Valve, it has never opened up to other projects than their own and they're always updating their current games improving their initial quality, so no go there too. If you ask me, Rebellion should take the torch of the Alien Franchise because they made an awesome AvP game and so they can make a good Aliens game. Are you spamming by the way?

  7. I am a massive fan of the Alien universe and I actually enjoyed a few parts of the game (mainly the sound track lol) but I was extremely disappointed and mainly for the reasons mentioned in this video.

  8. so what u try making 2 games at once and having half a team working on a 7 year + game that had to go through different stages and develpers and think about is gearbox and sega get in trouble for this and the lawsuit is true then there will be no more borderlands games and basically people are discontinuing a franchise which deserves to stay for a while

  9. well you have to understand, during stage press demos and all the trailers, there are always "Does not represent final product." What gearbox did was say, oh yes this is the game you're getting. They showed smart ai, aliens going in and out of air ducts, drivable power loaders, and all sorts of stuff that was never in the game. occasionally you'll get a press demo thats maybe 40% inaccurate (thats being very generous with the numbers by the by) , however here over 90% of the content in these w

  10. re faked and photoshoped to make it appear that you were getting a mcribbwich and opening the box to contain chicken nuggets that have sat in the back of the freezer and look like they've rotted out.

  11. Sega isn't at guilt here, Gearbox stole money off them to fund development of Borderlands 2. I hope douche bag Randy Ritchford & his colleagues at Gearbox get what they deserve for misleading everyone

  12. Forget the last response, I didnt read your comment correctly. Yes, they should because they're showing something that is not part of the final product, they're, in other words, lieing!

  13. That is wrong and you know it. The first Call of Duty had good 2003's graphics, wich is better then the N64, which already had good graphics, beating the Atari 2600 simply beeing oversized pixels. Next time try making arguments based on facts and not insults.

  14. In fact Uncharted played so close to what the trailer showed I couldn't tell game play from cut scenes.

  15. I agree. Especially when a game will show clips of online game play without informing the viewer. Misleading advertising has been going on for a long time but IGN has tried to be clever, in short acting like conmen to sell the game. I hope they lose the case as this will help to ensure that other companies are at least a little more honest with their promotional material.

  16. I also hope they lose. And they lose I hope sega sues gearbox for stealing their money and intentionally trucking customers. Pricks. I hope they lay you down right next to thq

  17. Ok. So if they do win, do the consumers actually get there money back? I actually sold my collectors edition but still have the receipt ( took a loss of about $50 ) . In reality im sure the only people getting a payday from this are the lawyers. I was disappointed with the game for sure… the only thing that made me somewhat happy was the storyline/ nostalgia .

  18. why is sega being sued? gearbox took the ALIENS COLONIAL MARINES funding and spent it on borderlands 2 and gearbox is the one who lied to us….. players should sue for false advertisement and sega should sue for downwright robbed sega

  19. Gearbox had been taking people and resources off Aliens: Colonial Marines to put them to work on Borderlands, and yet was still collecting full payments from Sega as if they were working on Aliens: Colonial Marines They caught wind of Gearbox shifting resources despite still collecting milestone checks as if the team were full size and lying to Sega AND 2K about the number of people working on each project. This led to the round of layoffs at Gearbox in late 2008."[41]

  20. Why can't these game maker and publishing agents get into their combined thick heads, all we the buying public want to see in these 'promotional' be it in a TV advert or E3 show game clips, is the true game play, graphics and sound of the actual resale product . The number of times I've seen a 'Turn based' RTS been portrayed on TV as some fantastic fast moving retime RPG is just maddening.

  21. watch the demo , gearbox blatantly lied to people , i like many bought this day 1 for 45 quid based on what i'd seen on the demo

  22. i agree to a point where the final product will sometimes differ from demos tweeking there and there , balancing and graphical changes , but come on , that bit with the crusher is what sold it to me , hitting the fence with is head as you run you see that marine being smashed so when randy pitchford said i quote " this is an opening scene from act 2 of the game " he wasn't lying then

  23. first off I got the game for free. Second I do not know if its my tv or the graphics suck.So based on this I am not the only one who noticed.. eh?

  24. i was so disappointed by my collectors edition of this game =/i agree completely with what they said on the video. you could tell immediately how bad the graphics and game play was. plus um playing an aliens game… wtf am i shooting people for half the game. plus the aliens were so bad. the last boss was a JOKE. you can literally stand in one place and the boss wont do anything other than make noise or glitch walk in circles.

  25. And now is 2019 and companies are doing this and it has become normal, just like buying dlcs, lootboxes and so on because people just keep buying. How I hate the gaming community. šŸ™

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