Images from Antarctica proof of 'UFO Crash Landing' | OneIndia News

As the number of UFO-sightings around the world builds up, the mystery surrounding them intensifies. If the claims of UFO hunters are to be believed, Google Earth has shown evidence that UFO crash landing site exists. According to conspiracists, an image of an unusual pattern in the Antarctic snow is ‘solid’ proof of an alien landing. The image was shared by UFO spotters Secureteam10 on YouTube, which has once again sparked a heated debate on alien existence.
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26 Comments on “Images from Antarctica proof of 'UFO Crash Landing' | OneIndia News”

  1. Nothing crashed.
    This feature is a top of a mountain, also called a Nunatak, that until fairly recently was BELOW the glacier’s surface.
    Climate change lowered the height of the glacier.
    Now, the mountain top is starting to stick up over the surface height, leaving a trail as the glacier flows towards the sea.
    Sooner or later, the glacier is going to subside even more and rocks will be seen downstream of the mountain.
    This is what is called a mid-center moraine.

    Here is a photo of what that looks like
    Lastly, this is not in Antarctica but rather on a sub-Antarctic Island.

  2. oh I guess those air force pics of the ufo found in the ice and when they nuked the glacier when they were done are gone. you don't have any thing here.

  3. It's OK! We cannot watch a regular snowball rolling down the hill without being sure it is a real UFO…

  4. You know the truth if you scroll where the line goes it was a avalanche and lead to that that made a huge line down towards it.

  5. 54°39'17.81"S 36°12'53.44"W about 1521 meters from that Crash in north-west direction is another possible smaller spaceship

  6. I thought it was a ball of snow at first. Until I spent hours looking at other Mountain tops trying to find an avalanche. I found a couple of images similar to it. But you can tell those images are snow. This is not snow. Plus when you find this UFO, they labeled it as 5 different things. Everytime I find it, some new location pops up. Went from a 5 star hotel, to a bar and grill, to a salon, to a taco stand. If it was snow Google maps wouldn't be labeling it.

  7. I love this unexplained stuff and want to believe, but in this case, if you pan out and look from different vantage points, it's just an ice block tumble from Mt. Paget. sighhhhhh. I too love the Borat voice over as mentioned in the comments below.

  8. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen so alien's cat travel to earth across vast distances but they have to land like a airplane dumbasses are everywhere apparently

  9. Wouldn’t physics prove this? What force would have to be applied to something of that size to get it to slide that far? Could that force be generated by a land slide?

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