Incredible Recent Discoveries in Antarctica!

The Moon rotates around the Earth at about the same speed, as it does around its axis, that’s why we can only see one side of it. It means that 41% of its surface hasn’t been explored yet! This fact surprises many people, as we are used to thinking that we know everything about all things in the world. While even our own planet remains a mystery to us.


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  1. Every 13,000 years half the precessional Great Year cycle our solar system crosses over our galaxies Electromagnetic plane causing EM plasma Bursts, Asteroid impact from crossing the Galaxies Kuipers belt and East to West Global Tsunami's.

    The Last time we crossed the galactic plane was when Gobekli tepe was buried by 19 different tsunami's.

    The Climate cycles of our water planet as caused by the Galactic Milankovitch cycles are continental glaciers with lower sea levels (Dwarka, Atlantis's) brought on by E-W global Tsunami's (Gobekli tepe, Washington Scablands).

    Earth is a closed loop that self regulates CO2 with Life by combining CO2 with H20 to capture the EM energy of the Sun and create life.

    Energy is neither created nor destroyed. On this planet. All energy comes from our EM sun and or EM galaxies Double toroidal EM field.

    Temperature rises first and CO2 follows, Cause and Effect. Forcing and Green house effect are not scientific principles they are cart before the horse.

    Covid like CO2 is a strawman LIE built upon an inconvenient truth (Al Gore) The Baby Boomers who were born en mass 75 years ago are starting to die from the usual suspects of seasonal FLU pneumonia and old age,
    Average human lifespan is 83, Usual causes of death amongst our seniors is seasonal FLU pneumonia and old age.

    Jesus loved all races because there is only one race, the HUMAN race with only one minority the individual HUMAN.

    Humanity is being divided to be conquered, Again.

  2. That's why there's such a push to stop global warming before the mysteries are discovered in Antarctica

  3. The regular apparel experimentally bleach because professor ideally spare beyond a glib system. onerous, domineering pond

  4. “That is not dead which can eternal lie, for with strange aeons even death may die”

    -H.P. Lovecraft

  5. There is no magma, the deepest burr holes have confirmed that and the deeper they go, the colder it gets.

  6. I don't trust what they say about the place because no one is allowed to go down there and explore. Why ?

  7. I think one of the smartest things man could ever do is recognize the in the broad perspective of things we don't know shit and make up way to much to look good to other's. But man would I love! to know the truths about things.

  8. No wonder they're pressing climate change so hard can't let the ice melt and let the world see what they have been hiding from us since the beginning

  9. This is dumb. They say "incredible discoveries" then discredited each one. Y even show us in the 1st place? Suggestion is a mf. This vid jus more internet garbage 🗑️

  10. When are you guys storming Area 51? When are you storming the Smithsonian, the Pentagon, the Vatican and when are you storming Antarctica???!?! Yay for " global warming!!! 👏👏👏

  11. This guy talks like he's doing a filthy frank doing a parody of bad life hacks, like those american nature programs with action music. Cool information, but seriously. Why the intense-urgent-action voice?? Makes it a chore to take in the information

  12. Take a look at any globe of the earth. You will see that the Antarctic is way bigger than than the Arctic. Because the tilt of the earth the north pole is tilted closer to the sun than the south pole. If the magnetic field of the earth is flipped then the artic will get as big as the Antarctic is now and the antarctic will become as small as the artic. This has been confused as an ice age in the past. This is just a theory but most science is. We just promote things(theories) to truth because it fits what we believe best.

  13. I wish exploration would be truthful about their findings and we actually actively explore Antarctica like why haven't people try to look like on Google Earth and find giant holes and then go to them and explore what the hell could be down there…..we know for a fact that the Eastern region of Antarctica was actually once hot, temperate and tropical there's very old maps by a guy named Phineas something who made an accurate map of the continents well before anyone else

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