Incredible UFO Caught by Canadian News Agency

On July 17, 2014, local news reporters covering a wildfire inadvertently got more than they were looking for. Thirty-seven seconds into their news report they show a clip of a water tanker dropping fire retardant and above the mountain an object can be seen shooting out of the clouds across the sky. The video changes to another clip before the object can be seen leaving the field of view of the camera.

The original clip by Castanet News:

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12 Comments on “Incredible UFO Caught by Canadian News Agency”

  1. This could be a 98% fake. If you want to be taken seriously, release the ORIGINAL data to be analyzed by independent specialists. Otherwise, this video isn't worth much as incredible as it looks, even with the trail of the cloud behind the object.

  2. Open Minds should contact the news agency for the rest of the video.  The video was obviously edited and there is probably more footage.

  3. on the original video between 42-45 seconds there is another UFO passing by at a high speed. You can hear the commentator say "coming really fast"

  4. Not a bolide, but in my opinion some half materialized craft at the crossing point of the speed of light…they are  probably interested in the wildfire like they are interested  in all kind of damage that happens / that we are doing to earth.

  5. Probably just Stevious Harper doing an incognito 'fly by' in one of their back engineered alien crafts he got on loan from Obomba.

  6. FAKE! it disappears before it reaches the clouds and that where they stop to look at it, just before it dissapears 

  7. "Billy Meier Case – Full Disclosure, Stellar UFO Footage, Documented Verification,Latest 2016"   YouTube video by Leak Project, published on September 16th, 2016.

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