Indiana Jones 5 LEAKED Concept Art Reveals Mads Mikkelsen Wormholes & UFO's

Indiana Jones 5 LEAKED Concept Art Reveals Mads Mikkelsen Wormholes & UFO’s

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32 Comments on “Indiana Jones 5 LEAKED Concept Art Reveals Mads Mikkelsen Wormholes & UFO's”

  1. For fucks sake indiana jones is about mysticism not scifi, did they not learn anything from the krystal skull 🤮

  2. It looks like some of this is going to be about the nazi "vril" society, a group high within the nazi hierarchy, who were said to be in contact with arian looking aliens, and the development of nazi anti gravity super weapons, like "die glocke", which was said to be a test vehicle, and the "haunebu" flying saucers that were supposed to be the ultimate "vengeance weapons" developed from "die glocke" testvehicle. On a lighter note, there is actually a series of movies made in recent years, which is sort of a mix of fanmade, comedic, sci-fi-fantasy called "iron sky", which, to a certain extent, has a similar premise, basically about the nazi`s developing anti gravity space travel, but because the tech came to late to affect the war, they flee to the moon, where they set up a colony, in the hopes of one day in the future, returning back to the earth to take it back. You should really give it a look (if you haven`t yet), i`m pretty sure you`re gonna laugh your balls off when you see it. It is friggin` hilarious !

  3. i think that think you claim as a dalek might just be a gunner base or some type of cannon artillery's bunker

  4. Obviously this is about The Bell..Die Glocke. Antigravity. Which should be pretty cool.

  5. The stonehenge like concrete structure is a real monument in Poland in a place called Mucholapka. Also called the nazi fly trap.
    Its where they supposedly did experiments with the anti gravity bell/glocke.

  6. You can bet they are going to put that castle near paderborn in the movie: wewelsburg. Its Himmlers the occult headquarters of the SS. Weird stuff

  7. One of the worst parts of Crystal Skulls was the scifi element & the whole UFO thing at the end…….Indy should be kept as quasi religious / spiritual like the first 3 movies.

  8. Yeah, I listen to Coast to Coast, too 🤣 The bell looking thing might be like the Kecksburg UFO said to crash in Pennsylvania in 1965. The temple shots might be from Antarctica, of all place, where the Nazis were supposed to have escaped to after WW2 to a buried Atlantien city under the ice. As for the black hole looking things? Idk, maybe something they found in the arctic ruins. Stargate? Wormholes, maybe? Whetever it is, I have little faith in this movie.

  9. …and everyone complained about Indy 4 (which I liked because I got it). One thing is for sure, I'll never see this trash.

  10. obviously they want to erase the God-themed elements of the riders of the lost arc and the holy grail…. wouldn't want to infer that god exists even in the fiction world… that'd be… problematic.

  11. The people who came of these designs have been playing 90's and early 2000's games with Nazi scientists in them.

  12. Its the nazi bell Mr H and the ufo with guns are based on technology they tried to arm the ufo but It never worked because the ufo would just shoot backwards because of how the propulsion systems worked. The structure is most likely a gateway

  13. As a WWII historian with half a century of experience researching this rather grim subject, I can honestly say with great certainty that "Die Glocke" is a myth. It never existed and the Nazi's had neither the resources nor the technology to built such a device. Fascinating stuff but untrue.

  14. That “Dalek” looks like an actual rumoured Nazi experimental anti grav craft…the bell I think it was called.

  15. I will say that this movie, more than any previous movies, has the potential to sell a lot of toys. Collectors will be salivating at its toyetic potential.

  16. Die Glocke, testing site, Nazis, worm hole pics – looks like time travel to me. They had to have some way to bring back Indy's most notable opponents, the Nazis. Not a great idea in my book.

  17. Yaaaassss!! Die Glocke is finally in an Indiana Jones movie!! Could it be, Indiana Jones 5 goes back to it's Nazi occult roots !?? Finally the movie we deserve after The Last Crusade!? m/ I wonder if they'll include the Vril Society?

  18. That’s the nazi bell. There’s a video on YouTube about it supposedly being some attempt of the nazis trying to time travel. It actually went missing and the bell was located in that frame structure in the concept art and in real life. But it just vanished in real life with the Nazi officer putting up to theorists trying to find out what it actually was

  19. I'm intrigued. I've always found the "Nazi Bell" interesting. I'm curious where they go with this.

  20. Of course its time travel! Katherine Kennedy is going into the mother's womb remove that nasty Y cromossome even before Indiana Jones is born… Über retcon.

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