Influence THEORY OF EVERYTHING • Tic Tac UFOs • Dr. Kevin Knuth

Kevin Knuth is a Professor of physics at the University of Albany, a former NASA scientist, and the Editor-In-Chief of the Entropy journal. He has a unique Theory of Everything called Influence Theory. Kevin is a contributor to the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies. We’ll also be discussing his calculations regarding the TicTac UFO encounter in the 2004 Nimitz case.

Joining us for the second hour is Zac Cichy, creator of Project Human to discuss his theory about The Technological Singularity!


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13 Comments on “Influence THEORY OF EVERYTHING • Tic Tac UFOs • Dr. Kevin Knuth”

  1. I love Dr. Kevin Knuth. Great insights that you won't hear from anywhere else, especially on the UAP subject. I can't wait to get even more scientists into this topic.

  2. It is always amazing to me when I hear scientists “discover” the UFO topic and act as if nobody else had discovered it before because they thought it was all stupid.
    3 Steps of Science:
    -dumbest thing I have ever heard
    -there might be something here but I doubt it
    -we have know about it all along and I was one of the pioneers

  3. The laws of physics are not mathematical. The observations and predictions that humans make for our reality are done by using mathematics. The laws themselves don’t give a damn if they are math based.

  4. Hey Dr. K, thanks for the great discussion with the Singularity Mike, it's always a great conversation and nice to be able to put a face with the name. I was wondering if you had any more feedback about the Sonic Gravity Quantum Echo Hypothesis. Even better, since we exchanged e-mails a few months ago, I developed a Theory of Everything too. I would really love your feedback on that–can't wait to see you present again on the Singularity Lab.

  5. This nonhuman truth is no laughing matter. There's absolutely nothing giggly school kid about it. There are a lot of people and families who are suffering in pain from having loved ones going missing every year…and millions with PTSD and even worse family/financial/work/social/emotional/mental issues after abductions…and like Dr. Knuth said, all the very serious and professional people form all over the world for many decades have been very direct and straight forward about the nonhuman reality…also we should not forget about all the animal mutilations and the obvious evidence of genetic manipulation (look at all the beyond gorgeous young women poppoing up all over the internet form all over the world that don't look like their parents very much and are a good bit taller, much bigger almost alien looking eyes, smarter, stronger, these past 20 years …it seems like many thousands of years of evolution in young females has happened in just a few decades which makes no normal sense at all)…anyone who thinks logically and clearly will know that at least a majority of it is nonhuman in origin…we need to absolutely demand disclosure and stop being so polite and submissive about it. They can keep their secretive means and methods to themselves while also admitting that a variety of nonhumans (some alien, some interdimensional, some ultraterrestrial, some spiritual, etc..) have been here for a very long long time. Its way way past time for disclosure. The truth can inspire millions of kids to go into science and study quantum mechanics, etc..

  6. Also Dr. Knuth, your point about this planet probably being not ours and actually belonging to the nonhumans from their perspective was a very important point that needs to get discussed openly a lot more…critically important for a lot of reasons…

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