42 Comments on “Intelligence officials say UFOs are not U.S. tech., New York Times reports”

  1. Trump added this disclosure as a step in the covid19 traject documents. What have UFOs to do with this virus and the worldwide vaccination program? 🤔

  2. Can a alien just pop into the white house and just be like " ayo im real" so we can stop going in circles

  3. Report is basically saying that it’s space aliens. This report is a timed decoy distracting us from the Revelation that COVID19 is a Chinese bioweapon,

  4. Reeeeheheeely…..tr3b patent and the like, navy knows and so do you, it is us tech, and by the way when a patent is abandoned it just means they want you to think that but they use the tech, period.

  5. We can't rule out dolphins either they are pretty smart too, and these UFOs seems to disappear inside water too.

  6. Any craft that isn’t part of our military will get shot down by defense systems if they enter military air space and pose a threat but ufo seems to roam freely while they watch and record it 🤔

  7. Can't rule out extraterrestrial origin? Sounds like soft disclosure to me. Maybe the future will show more information.

  8. These pictures are watered down, they have better ones, and I want to see the sat photos as well

  9. I can’t wait to get alien technology we could end hunger , electric ⚡️ bills no need for high gas use but are money hungry government does not want to make it easy on us where there work horse’s

  10. If its not secret us tecnology and the Russians and the Chinese don't know either what it is then there is only one alternative left.

  11. They holding out, a lot of people are gonna be in deep shit when this report comes out, they had 180 days and they haven't said or done anything useful.

  12. looking at america, and americans and trumpo supporters, i think they have been anlly probed and had their brains sucked out through said probes lol. they arnt british. there is no tea facility

  13. Nobody that's holding classified Flying Saucer technology or engineering and even the Flying Saucer itself is going to get any type of information like this to Congress Congress has an opportunity to see the videos that we see and everything like this but any flying saucers or V air is anything like that will not be shared, Bigelow Aerospace and other space related Industries after witnessing intelligence attacks against their own president a corrupt FBI I think the top-secret lockbox projects are going to remain closed and hidden even further now, after seeing people in the intelligence committee attempt to overthrow the president of the United States this is the reason that the private sector is able to handle this better than certain aspects the government of course there are intelligence officials involved, but even they are running the project but they know how much information they need to know

  14. I just hope the report has more photos and video. It’s not China or Russia. One doesn’t create cutting-edge weaponry to “show off.” 😎

  15. They know for a fact that one of these crafts dropped 28,000 ft in less than one second. That is not humanly possible.

  16. there’s extraterrestrial and there’s ones we’ve made. most of the footage they’re showing have been our craft

  17. The fact that the Pentagon says they aren’t of US origin doesn’t prove in any way that UFOS don’t have an US origin. Are you kidding me? I mean, the government didn’t come out with a report, saying we built an atom bomb and it’s working. Or we figured out how to build a stealth fighter. We know, they have been working to develop this kind of technology for years.
    What Mr. Fravor says, that he saw it in 2004 and it’s been too long to keep it secret is a much better argument for it not being American. Can’t imagine that the few people in the US government who know what the level of the latest research and American technology is, just come out and tell us everything they can do in detail. It’s always about using it for weapons that prevents it.

  18. for years these talking heads laughed, joked and cackled at ufo stories..Wiped that smirk off their faces real quick. Not U.S tech at all….Not human tech at all….Get a clue, these things are alien controlled, most likely thru mental telepathy in some cases.

  19. The guy in the comments is right. When you get lied to too many times nobody believed you when you tell the truth. I do not believe these are aliens.

  20. SHOOT THEM DOWN, for crying out loud!! Get it OVER WITH…..the UNENDING spook-ulation. WHY doesn't the HEROIC NAVY or AIR FARCE shoot the invaders DOWN??? Don't they have ANY nads at all, like our valiant POLICE departments, who will MURDER ANY CITIZEN on-sight for the merest of excuses or NONE at all, most of the time?

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