1. I thought this was a full video….dang. I’m surprised this channel doesn’t have 1M subs by now.
    Oh hey what up fellow believers!

  2. What the hell is the bending of the " fabric" of " space" How about cancelling the weight of a spaceship and organizing " space" using an intelligent amplifier to travel faster than the speed of light, likeness "attracts"" likeness, look at a magnet it doesn't attract, it wants to push thru each other, it doesn't attract it seeks likeness? Generators used to cancel weight of an object, phase synchronize and amplifiers used to " bend" the " fabric" of " space* to travel faster than the speed of light?

  3. Hey been watchin your channel for long time. Would love your input on why Hollywood scifi films continue to use fossel fueled ships and use engine noise in space? I mean we've supposedly had anti-gravitics since 1953 within our own dark government, yet Hollywood continues to spew and flaunt our intelligence with ships with fossil fueled rocket engines that make a big roar in space. Yes, warp drive is a unique and wonderful exception beyond fossil fuels, but Star Wars and many other films still flaunt our intellects.

  4. What if everything has an opposite, and an electron, and proton, also have an opposite, that would leave a tiny wave, left behind, once the two passed each other, the opposite slightly closer to the center traveling clockwise, and vibrating at a higher frequency? That would mean we could turn mass into light, or cancel it's weight, beam me up Scotty, 👍

  5. Baground music is so bulshit loud…i lost my interest to see this full video…..Bullshit baground music…

  6. Forgot imps na sa fake su n already has been put up no heat to bright kill off humanity control weather like chem tr ails wake up

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