Interview with Chris Bledsoe, Sr, The Fayetteville Encounter, Podcast UFO

UFO News Roundup, then an interesting interview with Chris Bledsoe, Sr. as he discusses the Fayetteville, North Carolina Encounter.

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  1. Being one of the main investigators on this case, Mr. Bledsoe, his son (and family) experienced these unearthly encounters and lingering residual effects. In my view, his faith helped him to face this incident along with the courage to share it with all of us, despite the ridiculing from many.

  2. Bledsoe failed a lie detector test on a tv show,but was coddled afterwards by Carrion of MUFON,who said on the show,I know you are telling the truth,!Pathetic,and this clown,Bledsoe,took Grant Cameron down with him.Bloody Bledsoe,a bleeding blighter,an American Meier..

  3. And,to the comment crediting Bledsoe and faith with dealing with his problem,that must mean Jesus was on the craft. And to the nationalist news man,fukjeez,wake up and smell the U.S. Corporate State,you guys aren't much into 20th political history.
    Bledsoe got paid,you got decayed.

  4. I sit hear reading all these comments of people who seemed to be nonbelievers and while completely entitiled to each ones opinion, it always just blows me away that when anyone comes forward to make negative comments on articles, social media comments or under videos just like this one, what I dont understand is, why bother if you don't believe, weren't there and again DO NOT BELIEVE why bother with  a.) even taking the time to watch it,   b.) commenting on what you are hearing/seeing on these sites, if you truly don't believe the witness or in the subject they are talking about being a witness to then why worry with it…. as far as the comments on the lie detector failing of Mr. Bledsoe…. educate yourself about lie detectors, for the most part the in depth part of his account was brought out through hypnotism, not through his conscience mind and trust me, the lie detector works on what the conscience minds tells your body to react to. Also as far as that goes, this man was so frustrated and feeling so surreal as to what he had seen and could remember seeing, that he was doubting himself and doubting his own mind and sanity… that is a big clue as to how much value ANY lie Detector results may have in this given situation… I live in the Fayetteville area , very close to the area where Mr Bledsoe calls home. I live in the Grays Creek Area on Hwy 87 south just shy of the direct area he lives in and if you were to talk witht he residents of this area you might be shocked as to what percentage you are NOT able to find who has NOT seen these things. and Yes we have an Airforce Base and an Army Base ( ie FT Bragg) right in our midst, even more reason to lend credence to someone seeing these things, whether  military owned and operated or some form of collaboration…. So if you don't bellieve, have never seen, have not been in this area for any length of time , do not possibly spend any amount of time outside looking up… you really should not stray to the negative side and stay with what you know as fact, have or have not seen and at the very least be open to possibilities… There are so many unsealed files now, and yes they do tell us that this UFO situation happened then or there… while you may not be able to get a conversation going or a question and answer session agreed to by ANY government or military agency regarding these unsealed files ( because they WILL NOT discuss them.) the information is there it has been released and any citizen of the US of American can view, read and make copies of them, Yes they still have some lines blacked out, but what is more worrisome is the amount of information in those declassified files that has not been marked through or out. Go check it out for yourself, different branches of government  from the FBI to the CIA have released such files and documents, even about the most notorious UFO in American History, that's right Roswell. Educate yourself and remember that even if you are still not believer the very thing that supposedly makes this the greatest country in the world is the freedom to believe what you want as an individual or as a sanction non violent group of peoples…. what ever happend to the art of debate???? Healthy debate is not sarcastic, nor is about calling names or even discrediting an individual it is suppose to be about the topic… not about the individual. And one more point I would like to make… if you think about it…. why would anyone who before this point had nothing like this happen in his life, lose so much by making these claims, personally this man and his family have been through the ringer.. Also one should always keep in mind he was not the only witness to the majority of this event… and lastly… respect goes a long way in this world, if nothing else educate about what the words respect and common decency mean, if not educating yourself on the topic itself or the tools in which were used to … so called prove this man was lying… afterall there is a reason they cannot be used in a court of law…

  5. I know Chris, he's a nice, genuine man and is the real deal, he didn't need any of this. Before his experience he was a well known and respected local business man in Fayettville NC.

  6. These sorts of things are WAY too sporadic to have 100% confidence in them. I'm not doubting him for a moment. I can't explain it. But over 95% of us have never, WILL never, see a ufo, much less an alien.

    If someone told me "there are unseen animals that will eat you when you go swimming" and showed me a guy with gashes in his abdomen, I'd say "boat propeller!"

    If that same someone then took me to a seaquarium and showed me big sharks under water, in the shark tank, then (and only then) would I believe "there are unseen animals that will eat you when you go swimming".

    We have the same problem with some events in the Bible. Miraculous events, appearance of 'fiery chariots', but do most people think those things happened, or just consider them "The Holy Fairy Tales"? I think "no" most people don't believe those things happened, because if they believed they really happened, they'd have to believe in non-human beings with space travel ability visiting us and influencing our society, as far back as Moses. IT'S POSSIBLE, don't get me wrong. But it's so out of the ordinary that you'd really want to see it firsthand, this kind of stuff.

    It's fun to imagine these unusual events happening but 'show me the shark' in person, or I'm going to pin it on something real, like a 'boat propeller'.

  7. FFWD @ 11:28 if you don’t want to hear listen to the incessant Chin wagging blabbering of the dudes. Idk how I’d never heard this genuinely sweet & honest mans encounter, yet the gall dang Betty & Barney Hill story which of course are absolutely 100%!important.. but I’m not sure why the ufologists or the serious ppl that attempt to edu us on what the heck is going on, just often keep circulating the same stories. I’m so stinkin sorry for folks that encounter unimaginable things, but just because something hasn’t happened to me or you, does not make it IMPOSSIBLE, the judgemental Closed due to fear- minded people allllways & scarily attacking & cancelling or giving the Giggly invalidating energy to experiencers of ANYTHING out of the mainstream is beyond SHOCKING to me, if these alien beings are supposedly getting a hold of us because we have a soul and they don’t and they don’t know what it’s like to feel & have emotions & that’s why they hurt us etc. supposedly or that’s one part of the story or trope that’s told … then how is it – that I see more Soul lessness from regular humans on a daily basis -,unbelievable – cruel things – I just don’t understand what’s happening ?!
    No wonder especially in 🇺🇸 mental health & the care of it is SOOOOO stigmatized & judged cruelly even by mental health ‘professionals” (LOL) – I sure empathize & struggle daily w/ these issues myself & ideation.. ( also understand why folks struggling isolate.. ) but I sure appreciate this hero of a man’s … honesty!! Just try to listen to someone’s truth..but also..on;y share your truth with someone’s who has earned the right to it!! ♾☮️

  8. He is telling the truth. There is no doubt in my mind. People who say he is lying really don’t have a clue

  9. Thanx much for this, I know what I believe…we as humans cannot conceptualize anything beyond our egos…we believe we are the "be all,end all" of the universe.

  10. If those things are like any other race of beings, Chris may well have been dealing with the equivalent of our out of control teenagers or 20's plus group of guys who enjoy terrorising groups of defenceless people just for the fun of it. We can't be the only race of beings with assholes in our communities.

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