Interview with Kevin Goodman, The Warminster UFO Mystery, 8-02-13 UFO News Round-up, and guest UK’s Kevin Goodman talks about Warminster UFO Mystery, and his personal sighting there. Check out the book he co-authored with Steve Dewey, Cradle of Contact. Music by:

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One Comment on “Interview with Kevin Goodman, The Warminster UFO Mystery, 8-02-13”

  1. Thing is about Warminster, is that anyone who knows it will be aware that there are many military units dotted around the area. Could be linked, but who knows? I have seen a UFO myself and know of people who have seen some amazing ones. I have no doubt they are out there, but what they really are I don't know. Could be from another planet, dimension or just some of our own black ops or reverse engineered alien ships.  It is very annoying that they have shut the road to traffic, so you can't drive your car up to the top of Cradle hill any more. This will result in people not wanting to stay up there for long before becoming cold and tired. Could be the plan! I was in Warminster today actually but didn't see anything, but I can't say I was looking really, but the two hills do have a certain aura. Love to see another UFO again though.

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