Interview with Ray Stanford, UFO Footage, Socorro and More! 04-22-2015

Please Support Us: Alejandro Rojas with the news, and Ray Stanford talks about various amazing UFO phenomena footage with various scientific implications that peaked Dr Leik Myrabo interest and may change space travel and more. Segment two with Ray talking about Socorro 51 years ago, plus the scientists interested in his findings and who the next guardian of his material could be.

Go to original youtube video here UCSTVGU0oHJp-gvlYPfWUvWQ

17 Comments on “Interview with Ray Stanford, UFO Footage, Socorro and More! 04-22-2015”

  1. I spoke with Lonnie Zamora at his home before he passed away. He was of the opinion that what he saw was of a demonic nature.

  2. One would imagine that they⤴️ could use the Luna rotation of this planet as the visitation days. If they were seen on February 14th and March 14th, then it would serve that the next date would be the 11th of April to be 14 days from twenty-eight days. Right?

  3. Each Galaxy has been formed with potentially different chemical volumes and forms. There could be more or less and different elements than what have been discovered in this Galaxy. Maybe each Galaxy has endured its own Big Bang for this to be validated.

  4. The gent talking of the filming of actuation of the area around the craft. Amazing. Scientifally important information.

  5. If Alien Technitians can particle se each element from the source to individual ion within their craft, then it also goes that they could also mine this planets resources in the same manner without getting their hands dirty. They have an agenda but what is it? Not just for our enjoyment and thrills of for abductions, don't you think?

  6. If the craft was utilising Horus Drive (two magnet discs rotating in opposite directions at more than 1,000 mph) can manoeuvre over great distances instantaneously, how do they grab the front of the next manoeuvre and bring it towards the craft, for that propulsion?

  7. 1:44:20 It's too bad Ray Stanford didn't have a picture of the "Gimble" ufo from the Roosevelt carrier group taken by an FA-18 pilot in 2015. That Gimble video has a sort of field around it that is better seen in the infra-red mode.

  8. WTH ! How many UFO's has Mr Stanford seen ? This seems very strange that he is having so many sightings and the rest of the planets occupants never see one there entire lives .

  9. Isn't he talking about quantum decoherence when discussing local and non local properties. Almost like macroscopic quantum effects.

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