16 Comments on “Investigator explains sightings listed in Pentagon UFO report”

  1. The UFOs do not appear in Chicago because they would be UFO jacked by the diverse darlings, obviously.

  2. Who is this uninformed joker, get some real UFO specialists on here like Nick Pope or Luis Elezondo? Mick West writer (what does he write cookery books?) he has obviously not done any research on UFO whatsoever and appears to be part of the cover up! Read the reports from the USS Omaha Hudson, Princeton and Nimitz and then listen to Cdr David Fravor talk about the Tic Tac (he's the most credible sane eyewitness there is) and obviously knows the difference between a balloon and UFO! Astronomers watching the sky, C'mon guys, the UFO are moving at incredible speeds (and must be doing so in order to reach our planet) they are not seen until they stop moving, and then the UFO ARE being detected when they arrive in the atmosphere!
    The Omaha was surrounded by UFO, the USS Princeton/Hudson were monitoring "stationary' UFO at high altitudes, for many days, often witnessing the UFO descending from 50,000ft to 50ft above sea level in less than a second! The ex TopGun Pilot David Fravor who was the eye witness for the Tic Tac UFO not only engaged the Tic Tac but manoeuvred with it, before the Tic Tac accelerated away so fast it seemed to literally disappear. The Tic Tac was picked up 65 miles away on Radar by the Nimitz, who estimated it's speed at over 60,000mph! These craft move so fast they are not being detected until they arrive and are stationary. Pilots know the difference between a balloon and an aircraft. Balloons go with the wind, not against it and definitely don't travel at thousands of miles an hour, or change direction at right angles. Pilots have never been able to disclose what they saw because in the past because of their credibility and psyche evaluations.

  3. Foreign Civilisations finally acknowledged! – Next step: Hanabiko's people is the closest to earthlings foreign species around (Penny Patterson, inter-species communication). Start by carefully studying and really understanding her society (culture & language), and then you will get an idea about foreign civilisations 'psychology & standpoint' (Earthlings neighbours).

  4. 😆…Geezus, when will this Taurus excretum stop 😄? Now, they are going to milk the impending LITTLE GREEN MEN with oversized CONVERSES on invasion😃😄.

    These HOLOGRAMS are going to come here with "x-ray" guns blazing looking for food…YOU😃😂…!

    What planet did they come from, you say? Someone should have asked this creature, he seems to have ALL the answers😃.

  5. Why do people still keep talking to Mick West?? The guy is an idiot and not even a real scientist.

  6. West, is and always has been a fraud… along with certain ufo fans – Lazar, etc… … Frauds, on both sides…

  7. Plastics bags dropping from space to 50 feet above the ocean in 1 second. Then being seen as an erratically moving over disturbed water and then darting off in the blink of an eye.

    Yes, definitely, plastic bags, balloons or birds lol.

  8. When I grow up, I'm gonna be a "UFO sceptic". No qualifications, education or skillset required.
    All you really need is British accent and being able to keep a straight face when you provide preposterous "explanations".
    Sure- pilots know very little about FLIR pods. I'M A SELF-APPOINTED EXPERT ON ANYTHING – just ask and I will debunk it. On my way to the studio I've debunked the planet, the atmosphere, the country and stopped short only at debunking myself! 🤣

  9. true.. but he's making a massive assumption that a species that can travel all the way to earth from another star system isn't aware of our radar and detection systems and isn't able to very easily avoid being detected.

  10. How stupid can news channels be to put Mick West on air?! There is litterally not a single video on youtube of mick west on tv which has more likes than dislikes…

    Mick West is simply wrong, these multi-million dollar trained fighter pilot sometimes encounter these objects within a range of 50 ft!!! Do you think that the best pilots on earth misinterpret that, that often???

    Even now, after the pentagon admitted that these UAPs could not be identified, he still thinks that people believe his debunking…
    Don't you think the worlds most expensive military wouldn't check if they were just a misinterpreted natural or lens phenomenon??

    Mick West doesn't care about the truth…his goal is to debunk! With this serious topic it is absolutely the wrong approach…

  11. At what point did Mick west become a UFO investigator? He simply just a debunker. He will throw up the craziest ideas, He literally said in the Omaha video that the object Descended slowly and thought it could be a flare or a balloon when there was 46 mile an hour winds

  12. Mick West is a video game designer. Retired. No 'investigator'. Glad he knows their equipment better than them.

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