Iranian Military OPENS FIRE On UFO! 1/21/17

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33 Comments on “Iranian Military OPENS FIRE On UFO! 1/21/17”

  1. 1:25 he looks like the heads they been using for "artificial" intelligence

    1:09 what about the lady behind melonia whos head seems big compared to her and is staring at the back of melonias head? is it me or does melonia seem worried?

    1:44 is the dude to melonias left.. alive?

  2. There are no aliens. its demons and/or satan/fallen "angels". area 51 was created to "study" a "portal" "opened" by occultist allister crowley, the author of the satanic "bible". roswell incident" happened after area 51 was created.

  3. At 7:42 you can see the object take off at high speed left to right after the rounds start going up. Smart… whatever it is.
    Edit: the close up photo at 8:42 reminds me of the tic tac.

  4. Im not getting notifications of your new videos 🙁 YouTube you suck. They guy behind my Trump look like an Alien or an AI robot

  5. Loo at the pic. With D Trump. The secret service guy. Ok. But look at the lady right behind the first lady. The lady abd the secret service dude. Are looking at what

  6. Yeah he's weird but look at that chick behind Mrs. Trump. And the dude on her left with the goatee has his own thing going on too.

  7. Typical humans, they have to shoot at anything they don’t understand. Pico from Queensland Australia

  8. Pictures can distort 4d but his eyes appear large than norm even a bit larger that the other people

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