Is The Octopus An Alien? | Mach | NBC News

The octopus certainly does look strange, with bugged-out eyes, suction-cup tentacles, and the ability to change color for camouflage. But a new paper in a peer-reviewed scientific journal posits that octopuses aren’t just strange: They are ALIENS. Literally.
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Is The Octopus An Alien? | Mach | NBC News


34 Comments on “Is The Octopus An Alien? | Mach | NBC News”

  1. Lol like 4 videos explain why it's not true… I click the one saying it is true

    Dont tell me what to perceive as fact!

  2. Did they appear suddenly on the evolutionary scene, or were they perhaps using their amazing camouflage abilities to remain hidden

  3. Ummm..Karen is a real moron….and it has been proven that lifeforms can exist in space and that Mars had life ,or may still under surface.

  4. After ingesting 5g of shrooms, many things happened, but at a certain point my right hand started moving like an octopus and I felt it “octopuses are aliens”. I mean, next time I’m there I’ll ask again but I’m pretty sure that was the message!

  5. About 20 years ago, I heard/read most of our plants came from comets and meteors. Then, I never could find where I heard that or read it again. I told a bunch of people this too. Then I thought I was thinking of Little Shop of Horrors… Does this mean it was real? (The article) Because for years I thought I dreamed that due to the lack of finding the article.

  6. No bacteria or animal can survive in space. Even tardigrades die after exposure to sun-rays and the vacuum .
    Not taking in account the immense heat they have to withstand when plummeting thru the atmosphere .

  7. With recent UFO talk, a friend mentioned this weekend that someone published a paper that octopuses are aliens. So, of course, I went to the most credible source, YouTube, to find the answer. And here in this video, they make it clear that the proposition is that extraterrestrial bacteria/viruses/microbes might have influenced the evolution of the octopus (or other life). This is distinctly different from “octopuses are aliens” or “octopuses have the most alien-like DNA” as my friend put it. I would imagine studying the evolution of a fleshy boneless ocean creature is quite difficult. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s many many MANY “missing links” in this chain.

  8. It’s not octopi, it’s octopuses or octopodes – the root is Greek not Latin. But yes I think they’re aliens

  9. I don’t understand biology very much…. ☹️ all I know is octopuses are very weird compared to other animals

  10. A message to anyone that even considers the idea that cephalopods are aliens, no they aren’t. Cephalopods are mollusks, a group that includes chitons, clams and snails.

    We actually know a good deal about their evolution on this planet. Early cephalopods actually had shells like snails do, the Nautilus being a living example of that, and some of the earliest cephalopods actually looked a lot like snails before they took on the more recognizable look. Eventually a group of them gave up their shells and led to the modern groups like octopi and squid.

    Just because something looks weird or the idea sounds cool doesn’t mean it’s correct. Aliens are definitely possible but they aren’t cephalopods. Plus if you really want to lie to yourself and believe that a well known group of animals are aliens, jellyfish are definitely stranger (though we know they aren’t aliens either).

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