Is the US government hiding the truth on Aliens? | UFO Report

Former British government UFO investigator Nick Pope reacts to the 9 page report released by the US government regarding the aircraft reported by Navy pilots and more – via ‘Wake Up America’ on Newsmax.

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43 Comments on “Is the US government hiding the truth on Aliens? | UFO Report”

  1. @Newsmax, the so called "alien spacecraft" do not and cannot come from outer space. Why? Great question.

    There is a dome (i.e. the firmament) surrounding the earth. Said dome is impermeable, and such cannot be destroyed.

    In fact, Admiral Richard E. Byrd personally met the aliens which live inside and under the Earth's crust, during Operation High Jump, circa 1947.

  2. Shouldn't the military have the least grainy and blurry videos how much they paying for those cameras

  3. the so called UFOs are simply called advanced technologies not Aliens but the government knows this and they want stupid people to waste their time and energy contemplating and worrying about this sort of ridiculous garbage..

  4. Why is it even a question of whether or not the government is hiding ufo’s? Of course they are . . .

  5. I saw something like that when I was 17 and had not ever drank or did drugs. It's real. I promise you. I don't claim to know what it is but it's not technology that we have. That was back in 1985 and I had the cool experience of visiting Beal Air Force Base to see the SR71 in action. I touched it. But.. You can't touch that thing I saw.

  6. Some of these people that say they are trying to get this disclosed are actually part of the disinformation and coverup.

  7. The only aliens I know are the ones Biden is sneaking into the US and checking them into a five star hotel and getting free everything.

  8. Of course they are not revealing what they know or what they have. They are hiding and keeping information from us,because they think it will cause mass hysteria. I believe they did get a UFO from a crash and maybe have more.

  9. It's not a assessment it's a begging letter. Give us more money and we'll be able to tell you some more b.s.

  10. Does anyone remember the Twilght television series, in specific, the episode entitled, "How To Serve Man"? Aliens were inviting earthlings to their planet, transporting humans from this planet to theirs in luxurious spaceships. More importantly, fattening them up along the way. What became clear at the end of the program is that earthlings were being taken as "FOOD".

    What you see in the beginning is not always what you receive at the end.


  11. They can't hide what they can't understand…it's biblical. The extraterrestrial beings, (at least 3 types), and their vehicles are both demonic and capable of interdimensional travel. As in the days of Noah, Satan and his fallen Angles have been creating evil beings by mixing their DNA with humans and probability animals alike. After the rapture of of God`s believes, Jesus will have the keys that will unlock, and unleash all of the evil under our very feet! This very likely could be the Great Deception in the end times. Nothing can save you except by the Grace of Christ Jesus; whom, gave his body and blood…that we may be forgiven of our sin, and reside with him in his Kingdom to come. Glory be to God

  12. We know there is intelligent life out there, the problem is the Aliens can not find any intelligent here to speak to.

  13. The US Navy has the laser spectroscopy data on these objects. They know the materials are of unknown origin. Nuff said.

  14. If they were that intelligent they would wipe humans off this planet. And keep a couple in cages

  15. I’d like to make a report. I’ve seen TWO different sightings that were VERY obvious they were extra terrestrials. One revealed itself as an Angel after flying around above me and two other people. Another one scanned my back yard with a green laser lydar scanner. This one was triangular in shape had three stars like light on the bottom. And was floating above my house. It was glowing brighter and brighter and brighter and then it took off instantly. Looked like it was above the atmosphere not in the air. slightly higher but close enough to see clearly.

  16. I think the gov. put more time and effort and money to say just the right thing , just enough to cover what was ask to show ….it would be easier to either come out and say it or just shut up …..and so what if they are 100 years advanced ….why in heavens name they would want to come and visit this country anyway ….if they are smart enough they would just " warp " out of this area , they may catch something .

  17. Putin got insulted by when Biden threatened him with the technology the us now has’ so when the summit failed they dropped nothing as they don’t want to threaten the American people

  18. We all know what these objects are…. Russia/China is laughable. They can barely put into service 1 aircraft carrier each. China had to steal our F22 specs to build an inferior knockoff… But now they have the technology to field craft that fly over 13,000 mph, break known laws of physics, travel underwater at over 300 knots, remain airborne indefinitely and against winds aloft, all without visible means of propulsion?

  19. This report is very clear and a great leap ahead! ThumbsUp!!
    Pentagon UFO Report June 2021; "Activity may be attributed to one or more Foreign Adversaries". – Which means: Several Outer Foreigners Civilisations. Regardless the 'name' given to them, they are Earthlings neighbours.

  20. There are no space aliens, but there is a spaced-out guy in the White House that thinks he's POTUS, and his Royal Hyena.

  21. The current US government along with it’s three letter acolytes the FBI and the CIA is a criminal enterprise. No one gives a hoot about 👽. The problem is on capitol hill and 33 Liberty Street.

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