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  1. Jimmy Carter’s report is very illustrative of why ‘ufology’ gets no respect from real scientists. The UFO industry unanimously made zero effort to verify even the most basic data on the years-afterward report, like date/time and location and additional witnesses, simple context info critical to any genuine investigation. This fundamental flaw of omission in their approach may have been based on their appreciation of the publicity value of the report, too valuable to risk losing if it turned out there was prosaic explanation. When the actual location/date was tracked down by Robert Sheaffer, a number of ‘classic’ stimuli for UFO reports became visible. The main one was that at that actual place and time, and in the direction Carter reported looking, NASA was conducting a barium-cloud science launch that created a bright weird cloud in the sky — it was all over the local papers the following morning. When you note that the UFO industry and exploitative internet blogs continue to conceal that suggestive ‘coincidence’ [thoroughly documented], you know all you need to about their intellectual integrity.

    Well, if you check on-line report databases for that actual date, several people in the same viewing area filed reports from the same time that evening. Triangulation of their reported viewing directions from scattered locations shows the object was far to the southwest, just where the NASA rocket was flying. None of the 'top ufologists' around the world ever found those news clippings. Or maybe they did, but wanted to leave the story 'unsolved' in the minds of their target audience?

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