Israel’s Former Space Security Chief Claims Aliens Exist, And Trump Knows | NBC News NOW

In interview with Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate Haim Eshed said the U.S. government has been in contact with extraterrestrials from a “galactic federation.” NBC News’ Bill Neely reports.

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Israel’s Former Space Security Chief Claims Aliens Exist, And Trump Knows | NBC News NOW


32 Comments on “Israel’s Former Space Security Chief Claims Aliens Exist, And Trump Knows | NBC News NOW”

  1. The rapture of the Church is upon us. Bible prophecy is flying off the pages!!!! 'UFO's' are fallen angels and is the strong delusion from the devil unfortunately many left behind will believe when Jesus soon raptures millions of Christians who will suddenly vanish into heaven and had put there faith for salvation into Him. Complete destruction will then come to this Christ rejecting world. The end of God's grace period is truly insight. Do not get left behind!!!! Admit we're all sinners in need of a savour and Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savour whilst there is still time. Youtube: Watchmen on the wall 88. Time is SO short guys. God bless.

  2. obama was asked point blank if aliens exist, and he said something like "they"ve asked us not to" …it got a good laugh at the time from the audience, but I wonder, if he was the one laughing inside…also, interesting video here on youtube, from a body language expert…she did a critique, where trump was asked if he beleived in aliens, and he said, "its all just a bunch of nonsense" she remarked, how his body "sang" with everything he was saying (he really beleived what he was saying -they dont exist) then, she did another, where trumps son, was interviewing him in the oval office at a later date, and he asked trump "aliens, yes or no, do they exist?!?" and she noted how trumps body language NOW didnt match with what he was saying …he said something like " who knows, I cant say" …and she noted, that SOMETHING must of changed…make of that, what you will. 🤔

  3. I still believe the only aliens on this planet is us, human beings, as we have literally invaded the lands from other species. It's not like we did the wrong thing though but we are the aliens I am sure.

  4. What the f##k has covid got too doo with aliens?? Sleepy joe will pass away during a speach and know one will realise

  5. DUMBEST thing I've heard yet ;aliens don't want to reveal selves ! WHY are their crafts being sighted all over the planet for decades & decades .🇨🇦🕒💣

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