It's Official: UFOs Are Real – The Report!!!!

Hot off the presses! I look over the just-published unclassified report made for Congress about the current state of the military UAP investigations. I found it very enlightening, and encouraging. But don’t take my word for it – take a look for yourself….

Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena –

My original UAP video –

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27 Comments on “It's Official: UFOs Are Real – The Report!!!!”

  1. A government report is not proof.
    Surely anyone who tries to apply the scientific method will know this.
    Arguments from authority are not valid scientific arguments.
    The only valid argument regarding UFOs are hard evidence.

  2. People have been useing a GoPro and a hiigh altuide baloon and have took photos and videos that put NASA with its technical knowledge and equipment to shame….!😁

  3. Another century of denial by the “authorities”. Bunch of fools are “in charge” of information.

  4. If we are waiting for the government to tell us the truth, get prepared for more waiting. If you look at history, you can see it completely goes against their mission statement.

  5. Trouble is all they have done is confirm what most people knew “ UFOs are real”. Simple logic dictates that technology didn’t exist in the 1950s 60s 70s or even today so their origin cannot be terrestrial

  6. Thanks Fran. "non-governmental entity" ……. So it could be Doctor Evil stroking his cat on a remote island base developing this stuff 🙂 . Next up in 2021is someone will discover that all the top propulsion scientists in the world have disappeared mysteriously. On a serious note, it's really interesting. I think everyone guessed they would ask for money to get the systems they need to get data they can rely on/verify/validate.

  7. Someone tell me where to get a deflating balloon that hovers motionless, In high winds, for long periods of time, and that travels 30 times the speed of sound. Better yet 9 deflating balloons that simulteously surround navy warships while demonstrating descernable intent/intelligence in their maneuverability. Thats one hell of a deflating balloon 🧐

  8. A little theory: rather than it being ET's wouldn't it be more likely, that it would be us traveling back through time from a distant future. In attempts to witness history/altering events. And we just live in the selffulfilling present time.
    It would explain the lack of contact and an impending invasion fleet of little green men 🙂

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