It’s Probably Not Aliens on Venus… But It Could Be | SciShow News

Is there life on Venus? If there is, it would have to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen! New evidence means the possibility of life there is in question, but it could also mean a few other things.

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Hosted by: Caitlin Hofmeister

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48 Comments on “It’s Probably Not Aliens on Venus… But It Could Be | SciShow News”

  1. So my question is, if we discover life on Venus can we demonstrate that it wasn't seeded by the Russian lander that landed in 1970? Could microbes from the craft's surface have come off and evolved in that particular band of Venusian atmosphere?

  2. When I opened the video, a completely unrelated ad appeared 🤮 then right after it they introduced their sponsor… that's abusive.

  3. Unlikely, but interesting that our technologies are getting powerful enough to even pick the VERY small amount that has been shown to be there.

  4. Who's to say… 3 billion years ago it was very similar to earth.

    Could have been the home of another advanced society. Don't be young and stupid and cancel that option out of fear that we might not be alone out there!

  5. Hey, maybe soon we'll have intelligent life on other planets in our solar system! ….Give or take a few million years.
    Decent video! Thanks for uploading!

  6. Hydrogen is important to life, fun fact: venus doen't have much. Also phosphine can be produced even by other natural factors. Phosphine and methylphosphine are produced when atmospheric lightning strikes the ground or aerosol which is containing oxidized forms of phosphorus and chemical reductants & venus have lightnings. Basically life on venus is slim to none!!!!!!!

  7. they wont find any microbes on Venus, they will actually find really strange flying creatures overthere which will confirm my theory that life through the evolution can adapt under any circumstances, it just takes time.

  8. -Life on Earth produces phosphate
    -Earth-like life is impossible on Venus
    -There is phosphate on Venus (that can come from abiotic sources)
    –>There is possible life on Venus

    Wishful thinking I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. i would say its way more likely to be alien live then anything else.
    i mean we choosed it for a biomarker for a reason because it has the fewest "false alarms" and we wanted to use it to check for life in far away star systems so if we find something with it and cant be sure its life then whats the point for using it in the first place ?
    right now we have no other explanation then life so i would guess it is

  10. they did say why they use it and it was not a study in first place on venus so … u not checked ur data as i am used to you guys.
    they choosed it because it because its the best "biomarker" because it has the fewest false positives, so when we get a positive with it its clearer to be life then with any other biomarker we could use.
    and venus wasnt choosen it was just used as a negative line basis basicly , look at something u know will give 0% so u can check ur data from other planets against it so to say.
    then they not even checked the data from venus for years and before throwing it away they finaly checked it and BAM and because they knew no one would believe it from the little bump they had the biggest telescope system check it too just to be super sure.
    so they didnt just make a study and used the two telescopes that just wrong, they used one stored it for years checked it and then had the other telescope confirm the data as its better (even its shitier as it can be as venus is far to bright as its to close to us)
    have to say most disappointing video i ever saw of you guys and now i am wondering if the videos where i dont know the facts are as bad too :/

  11. First microbial life forms on early earth: Born in boiling hot pools of highly acidic stuff

    Venus microbiology: lives in a planet sized boiling hot pool of highly acidic stuff.

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  13. What if… life evolved in Venus billions of years ago, and then got blown to earth via solar wind? Life on earth can even survive pH 0 (I don't know the actual pH of Venus's atmosphere tho). This would explain things like the lack of diversity in Earth organisms' genetic code.

  14. Hmmm, life on Mars… Life on some Moons of Jupiter and Saturn….. Life on VENUS?!?!?!!!!!

    And there are IDIOTS that STILL think that there AREN'T ALIENS on OTHER PLANETS in the rest of our and other galaxies??!?!?!!!!!

    There are and HAVE BEEN *upwards* of 200,000 CIVILIZATIONS*…. JUST in the milky Way Galaxy that we live in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * That have achieved various maximal stages anywhere from stone age to science capability exceeding our current level.

  15. Why everybody accept what other says with out putting the study to the test? Oh yeah. That's religion.
    Did you know that the proportion of the particles "detected" makes the trace of life to fall in the realm of a miracle?

  16. How can this video say that microbrial life on Venus would be unlike anything we've ever seen before if it supposedly produces a well known biosignature?

  17. The Compass by GRID was on the shuttle in '83 but the first laptop was the Osborne 1 it had a little screen but it come out in' 81 and it never left the ground.

  18. Look up Thunderf00ts "Life on Venus BUSTED" where he states why it cannot have been life. Such as the fact that there is no waters on Venus.

  19. can the not find a host that is easier on the eyes?. I mean she's trying with her eye piercing thing but damn bro

  20. Think about this,
    If this turns out to be life future generations will only remember 2020 as the year we first discovered extraterrestrial life. They won't even know how important toilet paper was or how everybody was racist.

  21. after listening to so many encounters with so many people, over such a long span of time, I've come to the realization that all the ufos we see may not be "visiting."
    the reason there are so many uso sighting and reports of ufos entering and exiting oceans and lakes is because that's where their bases must be.
    when we see an airplane or helicopter for a brief second in the sky, we intuitively know that it left one location and will either return to the original location or land at another location. our airborne crafts are used for a function or to transport people from one location to another.
    and that's it.

    why would it be different for a craft with ftl capabilities?
    if we're seeing them entering and exiting our atmosphere, it must be because they are either departing or arriving at locations on this planet.
    and, since we've explored so little of our oceans, would it be a stretch to believe that several highly advanced civilizations have always existed in the deep oceans that the general public knows nothing about?

  22. "We don't really know how life makes phosphine on Earth."
    Ooook, so at that point, we just know life can make a specific molecule through some sort of chemical change/reaction/combination/whatever. The same chemical change/reaction/combination/whatever that may be done on Venus without any "life" simply by a random, heavily represented, natural phenomenon we simply don't know about. Like, with such and extreme mix of anything dangerous at every height of the planet, how many "unlikely scenarios" are actually part of everyday cycles for Venus?

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