It’s UFO Day! Here’s What We Know So Far | Mach | NBC News

It’s UFO day and we still don’t know much about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. From why aliens might be unable to take on space travel to how some life on Earth might have originated from outer space, this is what we know so far about alien life in the universe.
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It’s UFO Day! Here’s What We Know So Far | Mach | NBC News


27 Comments on “It’s UFO Day! Here’s What We Know So Far | Mach | NBC News”

  1. Hitler created anti gravitational propulsion aircrafts using Indian technology from decoding Sanskrit language on how to make Vimana

  2. Aliens are not only looking for, but they are here. To learn more about who they are and what they want, read the Allies of Humanity Briefings, available free online.

  3. Dude!! you need to update your education!!! you living under a rock? there physics doesnt apply to us!!!!

  4. FedEx Driver UFO abduction Caught on Camera 6/4/20-2 am AZ – @

  5. “Difficult for them due to physics…” Seems you all are about 80 years late. They use anti gravity propulsion. Please stop embarrassing us in front the Aliens, dude. Even humans know that.

  6. The moment the narrator said it is believed aliens have more difficulties traveling through space than us, I immediately stopped the video and went looking for videos of kittens.

  7. Give me a break NBC News how stupid do you think we really are? And saying what your saying shows how little knowledge you really have! Any advanced civilization that`s made it through the latter half of type I or made it right into type II civilization would have abandoned primitive rocket technology like 10`s to 100s of thousands of years ago. They are more then likely using advanced antigravity technology or electromagnetic propulsion till they leave there planets atmosphere then switch to warp drive so it wouldn`t matter how big the super earth is or how much gravity it had they could leave there atmosphere with ease at anytime! and at speeds exceeding anything we will ever accomplish in our lifetimes unless the technology is handed to us by the ET which is highly unlikely. There is evidence to prove that if your in a space ship encased in a warp bubble or surrounded by an antigravity environment that inertia ends up getting canceled out so you wouldn`t even feel g-forces.

  8. If there entering EARTH or leaving EARTH there seeing them on satellites and they are not saying or the ufos dont exist

  9. the laws of physics as we know them, as they want us to know. they dont want us to know that they have machines that act upon the quantum foam, generating a space outside the usual space time fabric, creating a hole in the static, a void. because mass is energy, and all is electromagnetism and electromagnetic waves. look up us navy gravity wave generator, and you will see the tic tac ufo and the flying triangle.
    i saw something when i was young. i know it was impossible, that it was beyond the tech of the time but there it was.

  10. Luckly nothing wrong happened some stuff is happing at California like "Wildfires" And thats scary………………WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sooooo… you think extra gravity could be the only difference? 😆 what if they had an element they eat and it gives them super powers to fly. Did they leave their imaginations at home or what

  12. Wow production values missing here sort out the background which is almost foreground music it’s loud and Annoying

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