‘I’ve seen 29!': Discover Colorado’s UFO hotspot with more sightings per capita than any place else

Sure, you can go and see every star in the beautiful Colorado night sky, but that’s not the real draw of this place.

“You’ve had lots of people have an experience but they can’t talk about it.” Here, at Judy Messoline’s place. They can.

In Saguache County, Colorado – UFO Watchtower is a beacon that draws the curious from all over the world. There’s plenty of activity to investigate. “Cigar-shaped, narrow and really long,” Judy describes the closest sighting near UFO Watchtower. “It went zip like that!”

She says a dozen other people saw the same thing.

Messoline also describes another phenomenon on the property. She says there are two large vortexes out front full of an unexplained energy, according to multiple reports from psychics.

Head down to UFO Watchtower in San Luis Valley to discover where the aliens have landed.


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  1. I saw a ufo in Roslin Ontario it saw me too it was hovering over our garage where my cat was sleeping and when it saw me it hovered towards me and I was in shock but I pulled out my phone to get a video and it flew off, it was like 4am I was going out for a smoke and I did get a video of it on my iPhone 5 this was 4 years ago

  2. I am with her …but she needs to collect up all that garbage on the Ground, its quite a mess..

  3. If you would be so kind as to please check out my YouTube channel “Waking Gods Child”… I have so many strange events happening in my life and a great many of videos and photographs… I’ve been on third phase of the moon as well Marfoogle news… Mufon was scheduled to come out, but due to our current situation it has been
    Postponed … any and all thoughts, opinions, ideas, & support would be most graciously appreciated 🙂 Blessings to all of you 🙏🏼


  4. Keep it up imma be on my way to ur ufo watch tower some time this year for 2021 I wanna do a live there

  5. https://youtu.be/nxfSWUY_9Cc UFO/Aliens could be mostly likely one way the UN, world governments and main stream media will use to explain way the Rapture mentioned in Bible Prophecy. When the Rapture happens the world will experience worldwide economic collapse and chaos leading to the rise of the coming Antichrist. The 7 year tribulation after the Rapture will be the worse period in human history especially the last 3 1/2 years. This world is a sinking ship but Jesus Christ is the lifeboat turn to Jesus for forgiveness of sins and salvation before it is too late.

  6. Sigh, a lot of humans are so arrogant and tunnel visioned now a days. Get your head out your ass. Y’all do realize that we’re one tiny fricken planet out of the millions of other planets within millions of galaxies, right? We can’t be the only living things in this humongous and vast space! There’s just no way. Why can’t we just be open minded and really just think about that?

  7. it's happened before any written language ever made it to turtle island aka north America!

  8. GOD did n o t create aliens! aliens and ufo's are demons or nephilim just like bigfoot, meermaids, ghosts and the likes. Born again Christians have the authority to rebuke them in the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST! The supernatural is getting more intense now that we are living in the end times, listen to L.A. Marzulli on the alien deception.

  9. Lots of them by antonito towards tres piedres nm. There's a bunch of old "mines" in the area.

  10. I'm pretty sure I drove by this in my way back from the sand dunes many years ago. I wish I stopped here to gaze for UFOs.

  11. Mt. Blanca is one of the 4 sacred peaks for the Navajo.
    To climb it, you have to hike over a ranch owned by the Carlyle Group, a private defense contractor = Bush & Carlucci & the like.

  12. Plot twist: the UFO’s are just meteors that god is testing out to wipe us out like the dinosaurs

  13. 4:11 imagine the Alien just came down and went: what’s up my G yeah say nothin. Yo big man you wanna know stuff about why we alive and shit.

  14. Ive seen over a dozen ufos and 9 of them were in the past 6 months or so

  15. Thank you for sharing this part of your world this part of your experience and how you continue to share with others I'm sure by now you have heard of Linda Bradshaw from Bradshaw ranch in Sedona Arizona I've been there twice I live in Bakersfield California desert area as well and at night I have seen things occur we have had UFO experiences that have ended up on our local news and I have found things in my backyard right before our very eyes on our noses for everyone that believes in the stuff continue searching and researching love it keep it going thanks

  16. I spent the night a few years ago after my only sighting, in the back country near Keystone. I didn’t see anything but I had fun and there is definitely an energy there. I hope to go back this summer!

  17. The san louis valley is such a special place! I've been vacationing there since I was a kid. Camping in that valley is so weird and different and fun! My husband and I got married at the sand dunes several years ago. The tourism industry has really died out there and it so sad. Would love to see a comeback out there!

  18. Huntsville Alabama is a hot spot. In 2013, I saw something very similar to the pyramid shaped craft that the Pentagon just announced was authentic. It had no sound and it moved in ways I've only seen in movies. After that I've been seeing UFOs it seems once a month now. I'm sure alot of them can be explained but I wouldn't be surprised if half the things I've seen were of alien or unknown origin.

  19. when I was 12 years old with me and my family seen a UFO hovering in front of our house it was so giant with multiple colors it looked like something from Independence Day

  20. They come again sinds Hiroshima.. stupid atomic bombs how fuckt upp this planet 👽🙌👆✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  21. I will be there sometime in the future. I want to recommend a book called a mysterious valley by Chris O’brian. He documented his 11 years in the San Luis valley.

  22. Even if you suck at math, know this: It's mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for us to be alone. Every star is like our sun; most have planets in orbits. Millions/billions of other universi, Trillions upon trillions of stars, an expanding universe, 3000+exo-planets thus far discovered w/in the habitable zone, and- the odds are infinite FOR other Life elsewhere. Because those numbers add up.

  23. Judy & Candace are quite simply good people… worth several visits just because of them alone. The area itself is so peaceful & beautiful that you will not be disappointed. Speaking from experience.
    Then there are the UFO's 😎… hope to return again & stay the night in the camp area!!

  24. So happy I moved to Denver I’m going to take to drive down there soon as I can

  25. The UFO Watchtower is a great stop while on the way to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Colorado Gator and Reptile Park.

  26. When I was 8-9 living in Phoenix I saw a UFO riding my bike home from my friends house. I was so shocked I rode back to my friends and told him and his dad. None of knew what's we were looking at. I still remember people coming out there house to look too. It looked like the UFOs on that movie Mars Attacks.

  27. The cigar shape that she talks about also is the same description that the Zimbabwe school children described

  28. 1975, while as an engineer 4 IBM, BUZ ALDIN looked at me & said, “they’ve (aliens) been here longer than we have”. That’s proof enough 4 me..🇨🇱AustinTX… Liam Donaldssen Mcintyre,Jr….”Mr Don”👍

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