Jack Cary's PARANORMAL PLANET NASA's Occult Secrets and UFO Disclosure News LIVESTREAM!

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Learn more about the occult history and secrets that are within the origin of NASA. And get the latest news and updates on UFO disclosure! What is NASA’s connection to UFOs? Jack Cary brings his decades of in depth research, investigation and shares his knowledge regarding the NASA and UFOsi. This upcoming Paranormal Planet on YouTube will provide answers and, via SuperChat, help answer your questions. Jack will share what this means for us now and in the future this Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 9pm EST! Learn the details, ask questions and get the answers from Jack Cary Livestream with SuperChat.

Jack Cary is the founder and current director at the Paranormal Intelligence Agency and a protege of the late JC Johnson at Crypto Four Corners, where he continues as a researcher. Jack is also a member of Phantoms and Monsters Fortean Research. After many years of investigating crypto-creatures and paranormal phenomena in North America Jack Cary has accumulated mounds of evidence that may prove the existence of strange creatures. His research lends credence to the notion that inter-dimensional doorways intermittently open, permitting the unintentional transference of a person, or being, across parallel realities and time. Jack Cary’s links:
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15 Comments on “Jack Cary's PARANORMAL PLANET NASA's Occult Secrets and UFO Disclosure News LIVESTREAM!”

  1. I am re-watching this and had totally missed the part on "meditation." I used to do yoga for an hour and then meditate for an hour in my teens and that's when I started getting punched in the stomach (always in the hallway) and getting the wind knocked out and being doubled over by something unseen. I never thought it might have something to do with meditation, but now see it's possible simply because of the timing. I'd dealt with stuff since I was 7 though, so just took it in stride. I did finally have to quit the meditation because I got too "high." It became hard to function around "normal" people.

    Oddly, people who drove by me (that I didn't know and in all parts of the city) would constantly wave at me as they drove by. It was pretty weird. I wasn't really into people though and preferred trees and always, dogs over humans. Still do. Anyhow, this is a really interesting episode. Thanks again, Jack.

  2. Great show jack! I am new to your channel and enjoying your content.
    I dont watch msm, but now i have to check out gma. If they release a photo of a craft at 50', it will most definitely be a world changing event for all of the people who are asleep regarding "ufo"
    This should be an epic event on all levels.

  3. I dont think its fair to say they are a threat, that is exactly what the cabal wants us to think and feel. Our government is in the business of peddling fear as a means to gain control so its safe to assume and predict what the government response will be. But its safe to say that the external threat of ufo/aliens will be exactly the same as it was prior to disclosure to the masses.

  4. Jack I so look forward every week to your presentation,thank you so much for sharing with us your knowledge. You have truly open my eyes!

  5. Aliens can't be worse than our own government which wants us to hate and kill each other. Hopefully they'll land in Washington DC and abduct the politicians.

  6. Why does NASA constantly airbrush photos of our Moon and Mars? If there were extinct or current civilizations on them, buildings, or monuments, or anything not natural, couldn’t they just show it? If there are any of that on the Moon or Mars, why aren’t any of the other countries coming forward with their satellite photos?

  7. When the U.S. Navy came out and admitted to UFO’s existed, somehow nobody even cared. Life went on like normal. I don’t think people are gonna panic the way the Government thinks. UFO’s have been coming to Earth forever and there hasn’t been an alien invasion to take over the Earth. So hopefully people can maintain their fear.

  8. If they do full disclosure of UFO’s then there must be truth to there being MANY different types of alien races. And some of those races hopefully want to protect humanity.

  9. Love your work. I think JC and Christ would want me to warn you. Crowley is bad news. Equality with God is not something to be grasped. Look at Crowley and Parsons final outcome. Crowley dies a pennyless heroin degenerate and Parsons dies young by extreme violence. Think. Knowledge puffs up…but Love edifies. God is love. Aiwass (I was) and his brothers are opposed to Jesus (I Am). Choose wisely my friend.

  10. I will make a prediction here that I will revisit when the UAP/UFO report is released. I predict that it will have no real earth shattering information and that there will be very little reaction to it amongst the general population. I think they will give the bare minimum of information and say they have it under control, “nothing to see here, everything is fine.” We’ll know in 69 days.

  11. The reporter on the Today Show says at the end of the UAP/UFO segment that the former director of AATIP told him that more compelling videos exist, including one where a UFO can be seen 50 feet from the cockpit. The reporter did not actually say that the former AATIP director told him that it would be coming out next (or at all) and he did not mention anything about a video of a trans-medium craft going from the air to the water being released. There is a video from Puerto Rico in this segment that shows a trans-medium craft going from the air at a high rate of speed, going into the water, and coming back out of the water apparently split into two different flying objects.

  12. 32:30 – "You would think somebody would've made a movie by now."

    They did. Mark Frost and David Lynch made the television series Twin Peaks. The first 2 seasons from the early 90s take their time to get to the occult stuff and the movie Fire Walk With Me is more centered around an individual being plagued by the interdimensional entities, but if you read Mark Frost's books (The Secret History of Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier) he delves into the alternate/hidden history regarding the United States space program, The Manhattan Project, Interdimensional Creatures, Jack Parsons and Hubbard, The FBI, etc. And then the 3rd season released back in 2017 (Twin Peaks: The Return) ties it all together. I understand that David Lynch's surrealist fever dream style of cinema isn't for everyone, but it's honestly unlike any other television and movie experience out there and is worth watching.

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