Jaime Maussan – Giant UFOs Recorded Around the World… What's Going On?

Jamie Maussan delivers some of the most startling recent UFO videos and photographs taken from around the world as well as huge triangular crafts seen that might not be exactly what you might think.
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23 Comments on “Jaime Maussan – Giant UFOs Recorded Around the World… What's Going On?”

  1. Unfortunately some of these videos shown are definitely not UFOs; several are flares being dropped. The more interesting ones are the day sightings of metallic, structured craft.

    The 1:11:08 video where the guy says, “that’s a ufo dude!” is definitely flares being dropped from a military plane. They’re in sequence just like anti-IR missile flares dropped by a fighter plane.

    The video at 1:01:48 looks like a plane. Why it would be flying so low down to a highway at night is strange and extremely dangerous, but it had running lights flashing and the bright lights looked like landing lights. The two following videos from South Korea looked like flares too.

    But a bunch of the other ones were impressive; especially the Orange County craft at 1:03:28 and the silver disc a few vids later (at 1:03:56) since they were so clear. It puts the “why are they always blurry” debunkers’ question to the test. Unfortunately we can’t classify all of these videos as being genuine; some of them have obvious explanations. Fascinating stuff though.

    Some of the crop circles aren’t authentic too; you can tell some of them have been stomped down as the flattened areas aren’t uniform and flat. There are textures left by the process of stomping. The “real” ones are smooth and don’t have those textures and variations in the flattening like the art creations by humans do.

    The lights in the sky at 1:16:36 is just a light show; probably from a concert or a sporting event. Let’s not allow ourselves to get bogged down by the ones that are obviously not the real deal. Some of these sightings are really interesting, but including so many that are obviously explainable doesn’t help your credibility.

    The sounds from the sky thing is really interesting though. That one makes on wonder.

  2. I am totally amazed and grateful to you for being this program to the world via YouTube. I wish I had been in the audience! As a serious ufologist for over 50 years, I know very well, who you are and your Honorable truth seeking, worldwide. Thank you. JGL

  3. If the American and Russian governments seem to be the most powerful, it seems that they are also the most watched on the planet by our guardians of the skies.
    Now, a question that has been in my head for a long time: is this proof that the pyramids are of E.T. origin and could they be, in whole or in part, spaceships?
    Considering the technology ot those civilizations, we are cavemen.
    Great video, great job, thank you Jaime

  4. I think there has been a lot said about where these things come from and how they do what they do.
    It really comes down to an indication of how little we really know about our own planet, and that maybe its time we spent some time and money looking in our own cupboards, for a start, look at the vast oceans that we know next to nothing about, a perfact place to hide.
    We really are a race trying to run before we can walk, we know next to nothing about our own minds and what they are able to do.
    What ever it is that holds everything together its not magnetism or gravity to the degree we think, besides, i have yet to find someone who can explain either to me in a way that makes sence.

  5. No doubt we are being observed Why, Who knows But it appears they are conditioning us on Earth for a future event perhaps a visit In order not to cause panic It makes sense

  6. If I may make an Observation, if this vist wasn't expected, and if not CGI, then this must be an understated show of power, a friendly reminder that "We can't be stopped by your technology. If we wanted you, you would be OURS".

  7. I believe the video of the pyramid above the Kremlin is real. The real question(s) people should be asking is: was the Kremlin aware of this object? And if they were, does this mean they were expecting the arrival of this craft? The Kremlin is a highly guarded location like the Pentagon. If this object was an unexpected ‘visitor’, you’d think Russia would have deployed their military to protect the Kremlin.

    With that said, this leads us to another series of questions: who was responsible for piloting the craft? What business did they have at the Kremlin? And did they visit the Pentagon, as the other video (seen later in the above presentation) would suggest? Inquiring minds want to know!

  8. Triangles , pyramids , there is a secret in this shape!! The spheres that are seen in our skies just about always shape into a triangle!! They're telling us something!! Why were there no jets scrambled in either incident!! The Government of Russia and USA are and have been in contact with ET. This is where the ultimate decisions are made for this planet!! They will come out public in a week and they will act like they have no idea what's going on….this is a continued lie from our governments!! Supposedly one of the ETs are going to show themselves and make their presence known this month!! We'll see and I hope they come out of hiding soon! This whole world that we are taught is a lie. The lies and the TRUTH will collide soon.

  9. 80-90% of all ufo Sightings are man made ufo's, when u realise this then you will understand the deception being perpetrated by the governments of this world

  10. Can't wait to see the U.S.S.S. Tetrahedron rise outta the Pacific and go into earth orbit
    Defenders of the earth style😎👍

  11. Giant UFOs all over the world and there is not one other source than him and his videos. A search should have yielded a lot of results. Yeah sure. Must be true. This smells like BS.

  12. The time has come for the world to wake up and accept the reality of other life in the universe , The smart assed idiot leaders are scared shitless that each others enemies would get this high end technology too get the upper hand in weaponry. Our leaders have to get the idea that we can all get along with each other, and stop all of this weaponry building.

  13. I understand the need to control the narrative here. It appears that the incidents of sightings have increased to the point that I actually know several people who have had an experience or filmed and event. I feel as if the "non human" others are taking over the narrative and just are blatenly exposing themselves to the world day and night. It is a little hard to control or cap a disclosure when everyday you are contradicted.

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