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  1. I want them to release the full 3 hour Skinny Bob ET alien video and tell us how many crashed alien spacecraft they have. My estimate is that have between 12 and 20.

  2. I wish people using their camera feature on their phones would learn to use it correctly .

  3. lol that video at the end was def fake as hell. When the guy is panning around you can clearly see the guy standing behind the tree, at that time he just so happens to say "I'm not looking at my phone camera but instead looking out with his eyes basically (that should've been a red flag cuz people who make fake videos do this same lame trick all the time.)
    then when Jeffrey zoomed in on the picture you can see the guys Hand, literally. And in one picture when it looks "cone" headed its just the way his Hoodie is pulled over his head and please dnt get me started with that awful screaming or whatever he tried doing 🤣🤣. definetly debunked.
    I'm really excited for what's coming Disclosure wise 👽..
    What's the diff between when Jeff says Small d? ..we dnt want that 😆 we need Big D disclosure 🤣!!!

  4. Fantastic show guys, I agree the announcement of the space force just before all this coming out is linked. Maybe trump got show what's going on and decided to come out about the ussp.

  5. I’ve reported your bullshit video, hope you get a strike. One you changed subjects from Disclosure you turned this in crap.

  6. 1:04 hey Jeff! Been watching since David paulides was on. I heard you say something about t shirts. I'm a graphic designer/screen printer, and used to make t shirts for bands and sell them to clothing stores in San Francisco, and I was hoping to design you some t shirts and print them, since I haven't really contributed much to your show, but have watched a lot. Lol it's fairly easy to print t shirts, and I can give you the screen, in case you or your son want to print some of your own. Thanks for all the good vibes, music and conspiracy stuff! It would be cool to give to something I like, so if your interested in chatting or texting feel free to reach me at 5304403784. I live in northern California, it would be nice to meet u lol I'm not really looking to make a commission or sell to you, but just want to give you some designs, and screens, and set u up to do t shirts on your own or contribute some how. Have a nice day!

  7. The "End Days" stuff is moronic which creates cynicism about the "amazing stuff" that's going to happen. Indian people don't believe n the Devil and End Days. So, what's being said in this video is what's called an "Idiosyncratic Thought Process" which means you believe your own nonsense and do not have a world view. So, I'm not so sure I'm excited about the vid info

  8. I really hope any of your five factions is right because our conclusions are very tragic to say the least. and belong to a totally different domain your report willl attempt to hint on.

  9. It's a pity that 😕 a topic that should unite us, the disclosure of alien's existence, has to be mixed with the MAGA lunacy. You trumptards, disgust me.
    Talks about Epstein and ignores the friendship between that creep and Trump 😆

  10. Great interview. Thank you! I look forward to see what new information comes out soon!

  11. Very good show. First time I’ve listened. Got here via Richard Dolan. Yeshua is his real name. I agree about Trump but I also believe Yeshua is in front of him making a way. Ultimately Yeshua controls everything, even the prince of the air!!!

  12. Well, let's wait for 2 weeks and see if James Fox is the real deal or just another assclown talking out of his butt….

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