3 Comments on “Jeff Willes Ufos over Phoenix AZ on Fox 10 news 2006”

  1. The skeptics name was "Decock" lol you can't make this stuff up. He is full of it, and knows zip about sky watching.

  2. I had heard about this "Lights over Phoenix" thing over the years but had not actually seen this report. It is cool that not 1 or 2 people saw it, but actually thousands of them ! And it is rumored by many credible U.F.O. Researchers that it may have been the infamous TR-6 Telos antigravity craft that is allegedly based on captured alien technology. There is also numerous reports and videos on the Lockheed Aurora Black Project TR-3B Black Manta and the prototype before it TR-3A Astra. Both also based on technology that has been dedicatedly studied or " backwards engineered", since the late 80's and seen worldwide to this day.

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