27 Comments on “Joe Rogan Reviews Recent UFO News with Jacques Vallee”

  1. It's a supersonic Raptor Drone..It belongs to the Govt.
    Probly trying to prove something in wingless flight..what US military base is going to let a ufo casually fly past their base…

  2. The Military Industrial Complex WANTS and will Create a False Flag Attack from space. Mark these words.

  3. One thing that most people miss, on the subject of the 2001 movie and other movies about aliens, is that if the UFOs are really operated by aliens (as opposed to humans from the far future traveling back in time, for example, or else, bio-robots built by aliens to probe our world), they are amazingly merciful. Remember that we invented the Tsar Bomba before we had reached the moon.

    Surely, any aliens would have realized the threat that Americans might potentially pose to them from our behavior against native Americans, African-Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Americans, etc., etc. Imagine the threat the psychopaths like the current, CCP leaders represent to them if the CCP leaders ever got the technology to overcome the aliens. Imagine what they might have thought of the mass murders of Mao or Stalin or Hitler or Pol Pot.

    Thus, the aliens have proven their bona fides, if the UFOs are aliens and have been coming here for over sixty years, by not just blowing us up or otherwise making us extinct: at least, destroying our civilization and thereby, any threat that we might conceivably pose for centuries, would be easy even for us with our limited technology. For example, using nuclear bombs to create a nuclear winter, aliens could collapse our civilization and cause most of us to starve in worldwide famines.

    (Of course, if only the latest UFOs are actually alien craft and they came after receiving the radio signals that our civilization has been emitting for a century, then that might yet be coming. Michio Kaku pointed out in World War A, if memory serves, that due to the requirements of an intelligent brain, it is almost certain that aliens are descended from predators. I would agree but would add to that "or omnivores" since we were omnivores. Thus, aliens might have territorial instincts like humans do, which might cause them to attack: e.g., like the PLA ships attack Philippine fishermen to keep the “territory” that the CCP wants stolen, because the CCP wants the PLA to steal the wealth in the West Philippine Sea, a.k.a. the "South China Sea" since it has the word China in the name.)

  4. The Atomic Energy Agency can prevent and trump the President's wishes regarding certain matters to do with anything about related things.

    Back in 57 (?) they somehow were granted or (granted themselves) the power to block or determine a Presidents need to know about things it wanted kept to itself.

  5. jacques vallee–this dude is a major heavy hitter on the inside when it comes to ufo's and the government. long history. joe should have been much more prepared to talk to him. then the dude has christopher mellon on.

    we need elizondo. and hal putolf and eric davis

  6. Just because you can fly like that why would you fly like that. Why all the zigzags and right turns Doesn't make sense why you would fly like that it's like it's a bug or something with no real rhyme a reason to its flight path

  7. My hypothesis is:
    1. The government knows exactly what these things are and are turning a blind eye on them. Which explains the lack of shock at the top command.
    2. The government have no idea about what's going on and they ignored it due to ego or what now. Which would point towards an intelligence and security failure that would eclipse 9/11.(especially since some of the reported ufo incidents tampered with nuclear ICBM silos.)

  8. They are only pumping up the UFO story for the next plight and attempt to UNIFY the world and set up that global one world nwo

  9. “Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”-Reagan 1987

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