KENNETH STORCH – Emergency 911 Calls : UFOs and Police Officers

The crux of this UFO problem has embroiled law enforcement in an unwanted liaison. The very nature of strange objects in the sky and on the ground causes cops to get the call and get involved. It is one of the aspects of the mystery that should show skeptics and the community as a whole that there is truly something to this problem. Storch would be the first one to denounce this problem as an illusion, or a hoax, if the law enforcement community was not involved.Featured speaker at MUFON Symposium

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  1. Well delivered and informative video. It is disgraceful that law enforcement officials, who are credible, well-trained observers, are chastised and berated for coming forward and telling the truth regarding this issue. Even more disgraceful, is the fact that they are sometimes even threatened and/or have their careers completely ruined for it! I really hope, for their sake's as well as the public's, that the truth will finally come to light. It is also my wish that none of these individuals come into contact with something that will negatively impact them from a medical standpoint. There is something to be said about the fact that NOTHING will go near these carcasses to feed off of them! There is so much we simply do NOT know. I DO understand the reluctance and hesitancy on the part of reputable veterinarians in doing these narcropsies (sp.?) due to the high costs and uncertainty of diseases involved. Not to mention the fact that their reputations could unfortunately be brought into question if unfavorable or unknown results occurred. Just too many variables for someone to risk years of hard work! Therein lies the "stalemate"!! We may NEVER have answers…until ONE VERY SPECIAL INDIVIDUAL takes that chance/risk for the ultimate TRUTH!

  2. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't consider the word of a police officer anymore than a civilian. Actually, I'd probably believe it less. Cops are professional liars. They literally get paid to lie. For some reason stories are ran with police witnesses as though they are the Gold Standard of honesty. LOL NO!!! Don't think so!! Think again!

  3. Ray Stanford was the first and most authoritve investigator of the Socorro,N.M. landing case witnessed by Off. Lonnie Zamora in 1964,not Ted Phillips.Also,the Snippy mutilation was in 1967,not the 70's as reported here.

  4. A wealth of 911 tapes exist that contain civilian reports of close encounter cases.Check out the Trumbull County,Ohio tapes for some eerie listening.The fact is that since 1947,over 25,000 police officers in Western countries have had visual sightings of UFOs for the reasons stated here.The smoking gun of the phenomenon is police issued.

  5. I find the photo as presented as extremely important, however it is hearsay from the son of the deceased officer. I would strongly suggest that the wives, children and police partners of the 2 deceased officers be questioned as to whether the deceased officers spoke of this incident to them at any time before their deaths, so as to give more credence to the hearsay testimony of the son. This would be, I believe, the most important photo ever of a UFO, and would be a game changer. I hope someone can speak to this. Thanks again for a fine presentation.

  6. great video but i now wonder if there is something that keeps anything from eating the mutilated cow then when a rancher takes his in to the butcher with out reporting it can it harm us?

  7. Look up ‘Incident at Exeter’ from 1965 …one of the better documented cases of police eyewitness UFO encounters. Even a book written on it.

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