Kick Ass UFO Sightings!! Best UFOs Of November 2014 Over 20 UFOs!~ Watch Now!

Kick ASS UFO Videos! Best UFOs Of November 2014 Full Length Special Report! Over 20 UFO Videos! Mars, to the Moon, on Earth Incredible Videos Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon For the Month Of November! All available links to original Video Links, Google Earth Coordinates, along with Nasa Photo Links are Listed Below! “Keep Your Eyes On The Skies!”

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Mars Cover Up? Blurred Sea Creature Link

N P C 8 Studios

Flying Saucer Location of discovery: Ilpendam, North Holland
Co-ordinates: 52°27’58.02″N 4°57’21.28″E

Rosetta Singing Comet Link

Arizona UFO Landing Jenny Horne

UFOs Over New Orleans Raw-Cut

TR3B Spotted Over Montana Just over Trout Creek in The Rocky Hills! Submitted by igiveup851 Google Earth Link 47°51’17.60″N , 115°36’42.60″W

This launch began with the shipping of the complete video record of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure to every congressional office accompanied by a social media campaign. The goal is comprehensive hearings by February of 2015.

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The levitating UFO was photographed on January 29, 2014 by NASA Curiosity onboard Navcam also a strange Cropping of rocks shaped in a circle who or what placed them there?

Thirdphaseofmoon is looking for the best UFO footage Shot by People Like you from Around The World! Upload your ufo Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone!

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Go to original youtube video here UCuBPlZTF6TGO0g58QgcgsxA

46 Comments on “Kick Ass UFO Sightings!! Best UFOs Of November 2014 Over 20 UFOs!~ Watch Now!”

  1. anyone know how to block the ads on this video and when did this supposed committee meet? ive never heard of it

  2. im very interested in this video but what is its source and has it be analyzed by video forsensics to make sure its not digitally edited etc and our goverment has top secret aircraft that looks alien so yea

  3. 23:03 is photo shop and the rest of the photos have been tampered with. Your videos and pictures are all re-worked, though the general public will believe your half-assed efforts.

  4. If there isn't any LIFE else were in the universe, then how come human are. If were here, then they are there.

  5. a little dmt helps me see HIM//Them too. Although that is not what I need to see, but it does help to clarify seeing beyond the chasm. For sure they are always around us -just at a higher frequency. I've seen them, feel them, spoke with them. It's been an ongoing experience. It's an every day thing.

  6. …..I also have witnessed these lights in the sky countless times as in the video above, they are in groups of usually 3 to 5. They usually hold a triangle formation whilst doing so, as mentioned in the above too. Two things that witnesses of alien craft, ….."I saw a triangle formation and they danced in the sky." Look out for these 2 points in future sightings, you'll most certainly hear witnesses describing them as such.

  7. I have seen a UFO, first near Riverdale, NJ, then about a year or so later, the SAME UFO at Skylands Botanical Gardens in Ringwood! Also, rainy weather accompanied the UFO on BOTH days! And the thing was completely silent!

  8. Flares wouldn't do what he said, I seen in Arizona,  my partner who was a sceptic, we were out for a drive on a one way gravel road, a cactus momorial  park, near Mexico, sunday mid day, came over a hump, saw a silver object just sitting there, NO SOUND! as big as a 747, maybe a mile away over a mountain, I stopped my 4 wheel drive, looked and asked my fried if he saw it he said YES, I got my benocklors( sorry can't spell that) anyways I got them out and it was gone just like that, NO SOUND, if it was a blimp they have sound when they leave & takes awhile. MADE ME a BELIVER!!!!

  9. Hey thirdphaseofmoon!
    I am an avid UFO/USO researcher, how do I get in contact with you?
    I have valuable information that im sure you would enjoy checking out

  10. I live in New Orleans, I saw these exact same objects. December 31, 2015.They were flying in the area of Slidell. Which is in the direction of the Nasa base. Me and my fiance were driving up Judge Perez in Chalmete area. I got a good feeling from it went to the casino won 600 dollars:). Since this happens a lot I'll grab my camera and be on the look out.

  11. I can see why you are not around anymore. The first part is fake. You don't debunk, no wonder you're not around anymore.

  12. can someone please adjust the focusing, getting pretty sick of all these fuzzy,fizzy vids!!!!!!!And try putting your camera, which you just happen to have on you…….on a bloody tripod. Stabilized footage………………very fuzzy!!!!

  13. theres going to be an alien deception so good that people are going to be piss
    aliens are demons
    no aliens from another world.other dimension fron hell

  14. I used to be able to make The same noise as that comet as a child by rattling my toothbrush against my teeth and opening and closing my mouth while I did it! So perhaps there are a race of oral hygiene obsessed child line beings living on it? Who knows?theres some crazy ass things going on all around us!

  15. i am writing an ebook on ufos and aliens. may i have your permission to link parts of my book to your videos? i have been a subscriber for quite a while now.

  16. That photo on Mars where it was brushed out shows that we arnt being told the truth, most likely its a piece of machinery that they don't want to have to explain

  17. DMT is a most useful tool. I don;t know details but there's a group of scientists in California of course, that want to put a patient on a drip of DMT in order to communicate with others. I have done DMT and I can vouch for its validity.

  18. most of them could be explained photo shop etc chinese laterns satellites space station all rubbish radio control flying hat google maps sat dish on roof in the sun total Bs come on guys you can do better flying blimp mars photo shop job sound jews harp being mouthed they exist but this just makes the whole thing look stupid

  19. Human beings are the creatures left by aliens. From ancient times to today, humans have not evolved much. This is a proof that God does not exist and alien creatures are by our side.

  20. I need some info where can I send some videos please. I was always a no way ever I made fun of my mom her best friend and thousands more look I'm like this if I dont see it I dont believe I'm starting to be proven differently and I need to have someone tell me am I just seeing things or what is it

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