Krystal and Saagar: Fmr Israeli Space Head Says ALIENS Exist, Waiting To Reveal Until Humanity Ready

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to an interview with the former head of Israel’s space agency. According to Haim Eshed, “Space aliens have reached an agreement with the US government to stay mum on the experiments they conduct on Earth, as well as their secret base on Mars, until mankind is ready to accept them.”

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33 Comments on “Krystal and Saagar: Fmr Israeli Space Head Says ALIENS Exist, Waiting To Reveal Until Humanity Ready”

  1. You will believe when it all comes out, get ready, its going to be an information tsunami!!!

  2. I hate to tell you this mr. Newsman but you are ignorant on the whole UFO phenomenon I have been researching this subject for decades and I can tell you emphatically they are demonic and our government has been in communion with them there very well may be a base on Mars they're in space there in under our Earth and in our oceans research a little more from a Christian perspective

  3. Don't laugh , it could be true . I haven't seen God , but I Believe in Him ( God) .
    Just my opinion though.

  4. Canadian minister of defense also said US is in talks with aliens, and says there is a galactic federation of some kind.

  5. It's a retired Canadian minister is claiming the same thing, theese are not the usual people who claim that.
    Usually its a person who is hard too belive!

  6. Dude acts like he knows what's really going on. Acts like the real government tells him everything… Dude you have no idea how far stuff goes till your there. What credentials do you have compared to him? You lost me when you acted like you have the answers lol.

  7. This might sound weird but I don't actually think there would be that much mass hysteria around a revelation about aliens existing. I actually think a lot of people would rejoice to know there is something greater out there, and that humanity might not be stuck on this rock for all eternity. I know I would. Which is why I don't think it will happen.

  8. Ex-Defence Minister of Canada used the same "Galatic Federation" in his statement about aliens here on Earth.
    The US astronauts got to Mar via the alien spaceships.

  9. Saagar don't you think the American's could have gotten a ride with the E.T.'s to hold talks on Mars.

  10. We do have the technology to send astronauts to mars. And keep them there. It's just very expensive. The issues with radiation could be solved by having the habitats covered by Martian soil. Still, I'm VERY skeptical of all this. Although I am intrigued by the recent UFO revelations.

  11. We have likely been prepped for this for years, ever since the 70's.

    Star Wars, Star Trek, MIB to name but a few, have done a pretty good job of making us susceptible to the idea that aliens may be out there, or even here already.

    If aliens revealed themselves tomorrow, the majority of humanity would be like, "yeah, I knew it!", be super interested for a few months, maybe a year or two, and then go about our lives again, just accepted this as part of their "normal".

    And if they bring us new gadgets we would welcome them with open arms. Can you just imagine the Youtube unboxing videos of the newest alien tech?

  12. And this is exactly why no one takes this stuff seriously. These 2 are basically laughing about it the entire time of the report. Can you prove this guy wrong?

  13. What if “Galactic Federation” is the translation name given by the Americans ? What if this guys was translating to us in “usual” words ?

  14. they kept the manhatten project secret for several years whilst hundreds were working on it..the govt lies often..maybe the u.s has been on mars maybe there are galactic federations..its not like one can trust govt especially in todays paradigm.

  15. former Russian President Medvedev has confirmed both ufo and aliens check it out , seems legitimate

  16. Yous should start looking into the retired any guys because the Russia Mayor was taken, the Canadian arms minister said they are here I. Earth already, and the day

  17. Saagar I’m very disappointed in you…you’re basing our ability to get to Mars on YOUR knowledge of what is technologically possible. You should consider what another civilization might have available technology wise…

  18. I don't buy it and if Trump knew it then it would all be blown out by now. Nothing can keep Trump's mouth shut.

  19. Well if this was true the technology wounldn't come from academia anyways. It would come from the aliens

  20. The Lord Christ is ruler of all spirits in the heavens on earth and below.

    1 John 4

    Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God,

  21. This has been said to be the last card that the ruling-families will use against we-the-people. The goal is to extinguish us. They want to wipe out the masses and keep their families in ruling positions. As to have dumb-sheep with newly written history for them to indoctrinate them with. Nothing we use is new technology, but actually old and and wasteful technology for the sheeple.

  22. Nobody said that the humans that would be on Mars went their with human technology. The Aliens could have give them a lift to mars 🙂

  23. If aliens can make it all the way here to earth. Why wouldn't they have the technology to let us carpool to mars?

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