Krystal and Saagar: Former Intel Head Confirms Multiple 'Difficult To Explain' UFO Incidents

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss new UFO sightings.

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32 Comments on “Krystal and Saagar: Former Intel Head Confirms Multiple 'Difficult To Explain' UFO Incidents”

  1. A friend and I left my house to go to another friends house to hang out.

    While walking through the park a silver colored cube that seemed to be inside a transparent sphere

    appeared over top of us. The air suddenly felt like static electricity I could feel my hair standing.

    It hovered for like ten seconds. We both pulled our cell phones out to try and get a video or picture of the thing. Upon pulling out my phone which I had just fully charged not ten minutes ago I was surprised to find the battery completely drained of power as was my friends phone. It disappeared straight up and we never heard a sound the whole time. This sounds weird but it is what it is. This was three weeks ago.

  2. I CAN TELL YOU WHY THERE ARE MANY UFO S and are increasingly hanging around they want to get a good veiw of what humans were like before we get kicked out off the planet So Aliens tell there children …see , that's what happens to rebellious humans in the end , so watch out ourselves they are bad news , they love war amongst themselves…Wars…. abortions… drugs… corruption…. jealousies…weapons of mass destruction….class distinctions…the rich get richer…the poor get poorer .etc etc

  3. The military doesn't want, say, CHINA to deploy (deep breath) FAKE ufos to gather…say…SIGINT or test ELECTRONIC WARFARE weapons, knowing – obviously – there's a "no shoot" policy regarding these craft. The foreign actor would get away with the cookies.

    Tin Foil Hat Theory: This Pentagon transparency is a brilliant way to get the public to gather more data about UFO's. Data points will be used in a TOP SECRET program using machine learning algorithms to, eventually, allow analysts to say with varying DEGREES OF CONFIDENCE which newly detected craft are MAN made (e.g. Russia/China) and which are not. I call it Operation WheatChaff.

  4. Stanislaw Lem "Fiasko."
    And, by the way… Why is it near-impossible to find Lem translations? Are there new translations being done?

  5. What Saager stopped himself from saying was “we’re in a race to reverse engineer crashed/recovered craft against China and Russia”.

  6. Oh Fox news is on the scene with UFOs, so it must be real.Give me a break. FAKE NEWS I if Fox news reports anything. Maybe Tucker Carlson needs to add his two cents to make it valid.

  7. I wanna hear directly from the Captains of the USS Omaha, Russell, Nimitz and Theodore Roosevelt.

  8. I do not know whats more terrifying…the fact there are ufo's around..or the fact governments are now admitting they exist but still..after allllll this time..still don't know what they are and if they are up to no good….

  9. If only they would equip all airliners with 24/7 HQ video cameras, they could show some evidence. Instead of the usual "we saw this or that" without footage to back it up. Many cars have dashcams, why don't airplanes have them?

  10. Slavery began in America, not to force people to yield free labor, but to create a people whom would be dumb and oblivious this day, to shield whites against any attacks from ufo's. Slavery was created to make ignorant hostages.. to protect whites against God… a.k.a Supreme beings whom pilot ufo's. There is an ancient connection between blacks ufo's and its pilo

  11. This stuff should have been released after Roswell at least admitted the world could have come a long way after that we could actually be having an enterprise spaceship and a real captain Kirk or Janeway real star wars. I am for full disclosure and be done with it. I doubt the world would change a bit and if it does maybe for the good maybe people will be more receptive and open-minded.

  12. I've heard that the civilian's on ships, like when I was growing up, watching the jets "break the sound barrier", could be a long-game on the people. Or. making us believe through witnessing the sonic booms. I've "witnessed" vanishing objects and disappearing objects… at magic shows. Being a witness confirms nothing. Just throwing this out there.

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