Krystal and Saagar: Fox Host Confronts Trump On Existence Of UFOs

Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti react to President Trump’s comments on Fox News concerning UFOs.

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30 Comments on “Krystal and Saagar: Fox Host Confronts Trump On Existence Of UFOs”

  1. Nothing to see here,,,young weather balloon reporters,,,looking for the big scoop?!?! Lol rising 😄😄😄😄

  2. I think that they (presidents) don't always get told this kind of information because there's many levels of security. Like say above top secret. I've heard there's like 12 levels.

  3. so if we know these vehicles are offworld – are they still **U**FOs??? and how DO they know theyre offworld??

  4. Presidents have a " need to know " when it comes to intelligence. A President is only in office for 4 to 8 years. They are not briefed on everything. Its clear whatever government agency or agencies that are in the know about this dont what Presidents to know.

  5. All the leaders of this world always new this was real but they denied it for over 70 years, now they are acting all surprised as if this is new, they are trying to do that because for over 70 years people were ridiculed for saying they or saw a UFO or were abducted , and politicians and media always denied it as if the person was crazy , not only the person suffered the abduction but also the ridicule and shame because people didn't believe them, the politicians and media think that acting as if this is new suddenly  erases what has happened in the past and their cover up,  in this world their are two types of human , the good ones and the bad ones , and its the same in the entire creation, you have good aliens and bad ones .the question would be which one has contacted your governments of this planet ,and looking at all the wars, hunger and sickness around this planet we could clearly see who's in control.
    And for over 70 years the deniers of the UFO sightings that keep saying that it could be human made technology well do some research .

    Humans have been reporting this since de 1940 and they have always explained the same movement patterns of these UFO, that means that if today 2021 the military has accepted these UFO video as real, well what humans saw back in the 40s was real, which means the technology is 70 to 80 years advanced. Now if this was human created technology from another country with 70 to 80 years advanced and was existing since the 40s, wouldn't that country had not conquered the world already?, they would have easily destroyed any military jet .
    But they want us to think that these UFO are human created technology and that they are still testing it since the 40s and still today not using it in any wars or as comercial flights.
    For many years i have always seen these humans that are interviewed on the subject say the same thing, UFO could be secret experimental crafts from another country, i say NO they are not , for the reason i gave above in my text,
    Do i know what they are, no, but its clear that they are not human created technology, because humans are always creating wars, and any country that had this since the 40s would have conquered this world . ( give it that they were testing it in the 40s , lets give them 10 years to perfect that technology , (that i think is a lot of time) , it would have been perfected by the 50s ,so that country would have since the 50s till today a 70 year advanced tech, but still today no government has ever used it for any war, still people say it could be human created technology.
    First airplane flight was in 1903, shortly after that flight test, in war they were used in 1911, and the first passenger flight was in 1914, in just 11 years we went from 1903 to 1914 and the human created technology called airplane was being used for passnger flights to make money and used in wars to destroy and conquer, why these UFO that were also human created technology as they say, have not been used for passengers or war 70 years latter.?

  6. We will know soon enough, if true they will make them selves known in the next couple of years!

  7. Big Adams Apple on the T ranny Krystal the bloke on the left and I reckon Saagar would be a dirty FTM. Peddling there UFO con.

  8. People seem to think a UFO must mean Alien but UFO just means unidentified flying object. Which could mean anything from a hot air balloon to space junk. So yes ofcourse UFO's exist but it doesnt mean Alien.

  9. All POTUS lie when it comes to UFOS and Aliens. It's Top Secret and they can't tell what they know.

  10. Why are the ‘ journalists ‘ laughing and making light of the subject ? If it’s a serious question as they state, then why treat it as a novelty piece that usually ends a news item like a puppy that can sing or Jesus face in a piece of toast ? Given that two senior pilots gave a sincere interview last year ( the incident on which it is based ) , why have the news channel taken the wearisome approach of trivialising the subject ? Do they know something we don’t ? No, they don’t . It’s a sad, generic and childish response to what could be the most awesome revelation in modern times.

  11. How much c19 funny more kick backs
    For the Democratic ways it feels so good that the media trashes America good job maybe joes sons drugs will cheer you up after all
    He is richer today maybe he gets some c19 cash in heaven knows Joe can never do anything wrong god bless America oh no only Joe America after all I moved out when Joe supported white bars only oh read your history my foster mother is black yep
    She knows Joe very well huge your kids
    I sure Joe will get fin on your kids probably tomorrow he will touch the nuke button on Russia oh the Cold War is over good luck
    Media you look really bad fake news no
    It not fake they are just shipping out the dirty work against America welcome to China key logging oh just feel your computer
    Keep on media China mask anyone
    Now China is the riches bank in the world
    Thanks to usa funny Russia China Iran wow
    Vs giving USA super power sonic weapons
    I guess joes cuts will keep China The new super power love with Russia China weak USA Turkey love I don’t care do you
    End of the world is unfair so be kinda kind
    After your kids is our future

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