Krystal and Saagar: UFO Pentagon Consultant CLAIMS U.S. Gov Possess 'Off World Vehicles'

Krystal and Saagar react to reports that the Pentagon’s UFO unit discovered unidentified aerial vehicles.

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29 Comments on “Krystal and Saagar: UFO Pentagon Consultant CLAIMS U.S. Gov Possess 'Off World Vehicles'”

  1. I am a alien human hybrid. I have accepted the harsh truth since i was a child. I can say, that aliens are real and among humans as I am one of them. My historic napoleonic war family have been in contact with aliens since the 1950s. My ancestor was said to be prince Antoni Pawel Sulkowski. I will say that the aliens we have been in contact with are very powerful.

  2. humans do not possess our technology, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE, they lie if they say that they do. meteorites are materials that are "off world" and can be misrepresented. PEACE.

  3. it's amazing how much we know in the private sector as secret space program investigators that clowns in the media don't

  4. Humans evolved in different areas of this planet with their own cultures and languages until we colonised and killed those in our way so if you see a drone from out there somewhere you need to take notice and not assume

  5. Anyone with a triple digit IQ knows that where there's a crappppton of smoke, there's almost certainly fire.

  6. All you have to do is look at pictures of the Hubble Is sent back of all the galaxies a lot of those Stars not all of them have plants going around them in if you think that we are the only living beings in the entire universe you better take a very good look

  7. I am so happy that they are finally going to tell us the truth about UFO'S. Now if they could just do the same with JFK and Jimmy Hoffa.

  8. Its either – there is no alien life out there,
    There is alien life here and has been for yrs.
    Both are somewhat frightening concepts

  9. If UFO .are true it would change our thoughts on religion .
    God .and everythink .
    In our world .
    It would be a great day
    For mankind it would open our eyes.pece.

  10. Let's be smart about this UFOs are real and the tic tacs and triangle's are the USA black projects that's y no one ever saw them till the late 70s and 80s, be smart people

  11. I think he only meant possess material as in videos, etc. Not actually retrieved parts of vehicles idk.
    Well it's already a big step/stretch if he calls them off world lol so idk.

    Even Obama says he cant say all on air about aliens, now that is sketchy and intriguing.

    But ill be shocked if they will really reveal so much, true or not, come next june. Probably just a few more videos of radars picking up objects, it be so cool to have confirmed other intelligent lifeforms.

  12. UFOs are here since long time. They are everywhere on this earth. Native Americans and Aborigines from Australia know a lot of stories about them. White people should listen to them. Greetings from Linz-Austria🇦🇹🏔⛷🛶🍺🥨😎👍🐺 Europe!

  13. Remark that it is people not in the know that are talking to each other.
    If you have looked into the matter you'd know that some faction of US gov has numerous ET vehicles in their possession since at least Roswell so in 2019 it's not a novelty.

  14. literally every civilization ever has had connections with aliens, we are going to be among the ones who left drawings, and stories of them in their extinct generation.

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