KTTV Fox News Los Angeles on X-Files

This video is shown by permission of KTTV Channel 11 Fox News Los Angeles from their 10 p.m. broadcast on February 2, 2016, about the CIA release of UFO documents with the recent release of the X-files mini series. MUFON’s Executive Director Jan C. Harzan is a guest in this segment and talks about the real X-Files.
Media Release Agreement to show this video is on file with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Go to original youtube video here UC2fZO9Lm4ah0O9w795bDqwg

14 Comments on “KTTV Fox News Los Angeles on X-Files”

  1. The reporter is so dumb she says 38 yrs ago
    40s or 50s more like so years ago
    And they only espouse stuff that the recorders are already dead so you can't cross check

  2. CIA will release recent images in about 40 years from now. So for now we'll keep using our creative imagination on Photoshoped images, customized drones & advanced man made vessels along with Hollywood movies to make this world more exciting. The TRUTH is out there & they'll expose anything to keep us away from it.

  3. who are the "conspiracy" people? its not conspiracy knuckleheads use a dictionary. seriously these "reporters" have degrees ?

  4. It was the Los Angeles Times who first broke the story of the discovery of a lost alien code found in my accidental 35mm daylight photo of 10 UFOs hovering over the San Diego River valley. This code has successfully linked UFOs to each other as well as countless ancient artifacts winning front page coverage in every paper in town…the truth is right here…Google Mike Orrell or "Inaja UFO Photo'….   they're here

  5. X Files Show Creator-Writer-Director  CHRIS CARTER  Is A MUFON Subscriber? Was UnAWARE Interesting INFOTAINMENT News.  No Wonder He Get's Their Best Most Interesting Stories To Spin For His Show!

  6. (Yawn… ) Nothing in the C.I.A.'s most recent X-Files-inspired document dump wasn't already available to the public for years before.

    Wake me up when they (finally) release all of their UFO documentation from the 1980's – Present, please.

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