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  1. What are you all talking about? A balloon? Venus? BS, you can't make Venus appear on command, and unless the entire TV crew were all idiots I'm sure they could tell the difference between a balloon, venus or something they can't tell? Which would be a UFO. I'm not saying it was but it sure was something.

  2. Have you ever seen venus fly that fast? Or at all? Or a balloon, can balloons move several thousand miles per hour?

  3. can anybody tell me if a UFO came low enough for all of as vegas to see like this video said at the end?..Thanx

  4. There's another visit at Nellis AFB in North Las Vegas. Recorded two. 1 yesterday and 1 today 03/10/08 and 03/11/08 at 1700hrs and 1800hrs respectively. Took pictures and short clips with a consumer 6M 3Xzoom Digicam. Base Cam System should have these on HBO-FYEO. Spotted 2 Monitors and 1 Supervisor. Tourists on second day were directly above tarmac area. Try using a better camera tomorrow if you're nearby. Official stand is still trusty old "Swamp Gas and Planet Venus".

  5. did you not also hear the newsman say that the news team picked the place and time of the meeting you think that yahweh has guys running around las vegas with balloons able to control which direction the fly in while they are very high in the air going very fast

  6. I have to admit, this is pretty convincing. Anyone who says otherwise is just really, really stubborn. You can't make this shit up.

  7. man i live here in vegas and ive seen sooo much shit at night it would make your fckn head spin

  8. @lowbattcaballo Si, lo son, yo vivi en las vegas por casi 3 años y se miraban luces raras de vez en cuando, si la ciudad te lo permite, xq con tantas luces encendidas durante la noche es dificil ver una sola estrella.

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