33 Comments on “Las Vegas woman says she saw a UFO in the sky”

  1. The next day it reappeared and they put it on the news…it wasn't natural I seen it on both days

  2. Disgusting news anchors. How dare you add laughs and giggles to every utterance. I'd spurn you as I would spurn a rabid dog

  3. I saw UFOs over Las Vegas Oct 2018, then again Oct 2019. The first time, there were around 25 of the objects, and I could see them for about 45 minutes. They mostly looked like very bright lights, except that it was the middle of a very sunny day. A few of them were closer to me, and looked pyramid shaped, but they were slowly rotating as them moved through the sky. I am a form USAF pilot, and current airline pilot. They sometimes moved MUCH faster than standard jet aircraft, and sometimes manuevered with way more G-forces acting on them than standard aircraft can withstand without being destroyed. They were not aircraft that were built with "standard" technology (like a Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Gulfstream, Dassault, Antonov, Ilyushin, etc. aircraft).

  4. What you was Eziekel's wheel. A chariot. It sounds farfetched but the most high is revealing them to us as we approach the end as was prophesied. Where else you think Hollywood got their "alien ship" inspiration. They stole it from the bible.

  5. I saw something while driving. An oval light in the sky. Up up up and to my left In front of me though. Larger than the north star and not synonymous with and Earthly aircraft. I swear to anything Holy, it vanished. (Not saying it did, but) it was comparable to the movies and how a spaceship goes into “warpspeed” and you’re looking at it from the ground. It’s there one second and then in a flash it’s gone… I saw that. Never told anyone

  6. He'll she right just look at last night all the ufo in space & the big one two so they can't say its a plant!

  7. The Planet Venus…..why even waste the air time sounding so incompetent to something that is clearly unclear??? Saying that just makes them sound like not only di they not care, but don't have the ability to report journalism in the simplest format

  8. ufo's aliens, ghosts, BF and the likes are demons (fallen angels). Born again Christians have the authority to rebuke them in the name of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST. How to become born again? Thank JESUS for paying for your sins on the cross and HIS resurrection on the 3rd day!!! It must come from the bottom of your heart and don't forget that JESUS is GOD see John 1! Don't contact demons (the Bible strictly forbids it!) and don't give demons a foothold or they will come back, get rid of all occult and cursed items, do your own research.

  9. They are not called UFO's but indeed are Chariots with black angels on them . The bible speaks about them can be referred as clouds too in the bible. Our ancestors used to sing about them!!! And they are coming back for us to those who are keeping the commandments. Please watch "InTheClassroom: IFO's Not UFO's – God's Chariots Are Black! on youtube

  10. I believe her, I seen some the other day, four black round ones and one triangle, I know I wasn't delusional, because my boyfriend, son and some teenagers seen it to, so UFOs are real, like she said keep your eyes on the sky

  11. Wake up people, we are not alone and they are here since thousands of years, our gouvernements around the world knows about it, and they are working together with different species. We have bases on Moon, Mars Jupiter on some moons and other planets, but this knowledge is kept from the public, because they fear an "awakening" what would happen, and other reasons. At the moment there are thousands of extraterrestrials on the planet, mostly in secret underground bases. they have ( And we have) SpaceShips 30 miles long and alot more. The gouvernements around the world have a Secret SPace Program ( SSP), and they have groups mixed with E.T's flying over our heads. These technologys are incredible, free energy, anti gravity, Time Travel etc. Alot of E'T spaceships have the abylity to change frequency and go invisible because they are in a higher dimension. The DeepState is holding back technologys who would change the hole world, we would have have everything, but they kept this stuff for themselves. Its time to wake up, rise your vibrition, and then we need a disclosure, a disclosure is happening when the deepstate in finished, the next months are crucial for our world and all the people on it. Peace and greetings from berlin.

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