Latest News & My Take (Internet Outage & UFO Reports)(4:10-UFO Talk)

there’s a lot going on right now including Internet outages and the latest on the UFO reports. I’ll be covering a bit of that plus my thoughts and opinions on some of this in this video.




4 Comments on “Latest News & My Take (Internet Outage & UFO Reports)(4:10-UFO Talk)”

  1. I said European contenents, not countries, Lol! Yes, I know the difference between a continent and a country. I just made a simple mistake and I'm pointing that out before someone else does.

  2. They have a whole civilization worth of people out there in space in bases on other planets and it's all covered up. So much advanced tech that would change the course of society today if it were released. They are fallen angels from my understanding. I just stick to Jesus Christ and let the rest play out. Awesome video btw. 👍

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