21 Comments on “Latest on Pentagon UFO investigation”

  1. we might be the freak show of the milky way!! ha ha;every time they come down here they get shot at!!

  2. I like the theory that we were put here by an alien civilization because our species was too visious and aggressive to keep on there planet, since were the only species on this planet who hate and kill out of pleasure and entertainment more than any other creature we know of,, so instead of terminating our existance the aliens brought our ansesters to planet earth to keep us here like a prison, but they send there star ships here every so often to monoter us to make sure we dont wander too far off from prison earth.

  3. Just an opinion.

    But I think this things are trying to warn us about something that's not good at all.

    And trying to find a way of meeting us.

  4. Either way it’s checkmate. If they belong to a terrestrial or extraterrestrial or unknown co-resident species, checkmate

  5. These are only scouts 😯 lets hope there's not something bigger waiting out in space 👽👽👽

  6. The triangle UFOs are the space force, you honestly think if there were unknowns swarming, the naval ship wouldn't fire it's anti missile laser at a craft that was virtually stationery.

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