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7 Comments on “Latest UFO Sightings | Cannibal Mice | Scientology Freaks | Apocalyptic News”

  1. Man, that video of the Scientologists mindscrewing the guy who went to their event… It pisses me off. It's not just people in cults who use that kind of abuse tactic, laughing condescendingly and making you feel like you're just nothing, a nobody, and that your thoughts are all completely wrong. And then they offer to help you. Do you really want help from people like that? Imagine how mindcontrolled you'd have to be in order to join Scientology after something like that. You'd have to have zero belief in yourself, zero confidence.

  2. About the SolarWinds hackers. The US probably wouldn't have to worry about them if it wasn't for the fact that they use insecure Microsoft software (Windows) everywhere. Just like for home users, most companies, government agencies and important infrastructure use Windows. What they should do instead is switch to Linux, but that would be a radical change, and temporarily costly as they would have to port over all their programs and train staff in using the new software. Such a transition would take years, but in the long term would save everyone a shit ton of money, considering Linux itself is free and the improved security would make sure hacks like the gas pipeline wouldn't happen.

    The source code for many versions of Windows leaked 2020-09-24. Maybe that's related to these hacks, or maybe they already knew about vulnerabilities in Windows even without having access to the source code.

  3. Go listen to Dr. Steven Greer he has been talking about what is going on
    with the "UFO" subject for many years now, there exist unacknowledged
    special acces projects which take money from the taxpayers and use it to
    fund these projects, they build anti-gravity craft and reverse engineer
    crashed and shot down extraterrestrial vehicles, the deep state or the
    shadow government and the psychopathic elite that runs this world from
    behind the curtains has been planning to stage an alien invasion since
    the 50s in order to impose martial law and establish a new world order
    and a global one world government to unite all the people of the earth
    to support interplanetary war, so basically they are preparing to stage
    this false flag event in the near future this is why all of a sudden for
    the past 2 years more and more mainstream media outlets have been
    reporting on so called "UFOs" and saying they are a threat, in order to
    fool all the people on earth and convincing most that what the media is
    saying and what the governments are saying is true, when in fact the
    opposite is true, the ETs are not a threat, WE are a threat, the ETs are
    actually prepared to intervene in the case of global nuclear war,
    because they do not want to see us destroy our planet and cause an
    extinction event, they have actually demonstrated this many times by
    flying over nuclear missile silos and turning off entire power
    generation systems, they are actually on earth to protect and observe US
    they are helping us, but how can you help someone who does not want to
    help himself? it is almost impossible for them, i truly hope people of
    our world stop sleeping and stop ignoring the most pressing concerns and
    dangers we all face now and in the future, because if not, then we are
    going to find out the hard way that we were doing wrong all along…

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