Laughlin, NV a UFO Hot-Spot? — S2E8

UFO reports are coming in from Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona so UFO Seekers is headed to the southern tip of Nevada to visit ancient Native American petroglyphs at Grapevine Canyon and we’ll follow that with sky-watching at Christmas Tree Pass. Did the Mojave Indian ancestors leave evidence behind of alien visitation? Can we catch something strange in the skies above the Nevada desert?


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  1. Has anyone ever wondered why Aliens don't mess with out satellites? I mean seriously if I were an alien and I wanted to mess with the earth. Hell I'd just mess up all the GPS satellites and cell sets. That'll cause the humans to destroy each other out of bordem and panic.

  2. At the begining is where I am watching and it is already a great vod I used to live in Vegas and Laughlin and it was great ot there now I am at Phoenix Arizona… Love the vids

  3. I have lived in Laughlin since 1985, and regularly witness what you are talking about pretty much every night.

  4. I was in laughlin 2 weeks ago and the strangest thing I saw. Was a tumbleweed decorated with Christmas ornaments along the old needles highway parallel to the river. On the west side of the river…have a great day☺

  5. I think the Government has come to realize that Aliens live deep underground in this area of the Country. They have been here for thousands of years, we are Not allowed to know the Truth. There are Entry points which are hidden from people. Big Foot may have been created by the Aliens to keep us away from Tunnel entry points . The U.S. Military is Protecting The Citizens Of America by not allowing us too close to their crafts or the Aliens . Our lives are in jeopardy including our Phycological well being . It’s better Not to know the truth.

  6. I wonder if these aliens exist with us on Earth in places like the above wilderness, but may have been here longer than us ? Just a thought…..!!!

  7. I’ve bin-watched season one all at once along with half of this season. I really like the job your doing. Very well put together, very well narrated. The only issue I have with the videos, and I understand they are my problems. Not every plane/helicopter from the military is following you or up to no good. It is “normally” just coincident. Now the one you caught with no markings, I’ve only ever encountered them when their are secrets needing to be kept. I also hated the music from season 1 episodes, glad you changed it. But again I love the work your doing and the videos you create.

  8. Dude when I went to Laughlin Nevada, it was scorching hot it when up to •120 degrees over there and I stayed a Harris

  9. Can't believe you didn't go see the twins a nasca line type of giant aliens made on a bluff over looking the tribes fields in Fort Mohave. There are some in Blythe CA but no where else. Two aliens! Can't make this up and they are huge but can't see them from the ground only air! Also there is a 10 mile maze by Pirates Cove CA that goes all the way to the Needles mtns. I grew up here so I know all the hot spots and have seen some things. Seriously jump on google earth right now and look at the twins might have to make another visit since u somehow missed the biggest clue there is out here!! Lol

  10. I see ufos almost once a week you can tell a plane from a ufo i live in bullhead i look up in the skys everynight

  11. I see nothing unusual. I see some airplanes. You can see the strobe lights. I see satellites. I see an airplane turning with it's landing lights on then it turns away from the field of view. It might even be an iridium flare. Must be a great area to camp. The desert is full of wonders.

  12. On October 30th 2017 I seen a hexagon shaped ufo with s small silver sphere next to it. It came from north of Laughlin flew over bullhead by old bullhead area hovered for 15 minutes then left. I captured it on photo. I know what I saw that evening around 5pm.

  13. I like that you guys are honest. You dont make things up for views. Just honest research.

  14. Those helicopters are often out in Golden Valley too for seemingly no reason. Lots of quiet military presence out in the desert. Wierd. Grew up in Bullhead city and saw quite a few wierd things in the sky growing up.

  15. Geez YouTube/Google. Can you not read my mind anymore? That is my intellectual property and no one in this universe Does NOT have my permission to do so.

  16. I live in Bullhead City Arizona directly across from Laughlin Nevada and I've seen plenty of weird and strange things in the sky here.

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