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  1. Now before you down-like and bust out the lynching ropes… This video was merely a way to stir up the discussion around another channel's opinion. And isn't that the POINT to all of this? To debate and discuss? I certainly believe that some of the Pentagon footage IS real and I've listened to the pilots talking about seeing hundreds of UFOs in their time. No question about that. I was talking to pilots before 60 minutes ever gave a damn. So I know it's real. BUT.. There is always the possibility that some of the footage may be simple natural phenomena, like the green flashing triangles shown in this video. So I asked the question. Now does that mean I'm the devil and don't believe in UFOs anymore? Of course not! It's about getting to the truth and looking at both sides, ESPECIALLY when the very government that has perpetuated the 50 year coverup is involved. This phenomenon IS real, and I'll continue reporting on it until my fingers break and my voice goes out, so throw me a like if you support asking questions. #Insomniateam #QuestionEverything

  2. Tyler please take this video down! Thundf00t is a total skeptic he thinks we are delusional 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Ah yes of course YouTube conspiracy theorists know more than trained fighter pilots. Not everything is a conspiracy.

  4. Those videos are exactly the opposite dude. The pentagon videos don’t have some sort of “field.” They are what they are CMON TYLER!!!’ This video is a complete let down the more I watch please take it down! We don’t want random people stumbling on your channel then seeing this video which is complete disinformation. Yet you’re still saying “this will hurt the community” & that’s what this is.

  5. I really appreciate you showing the opinions of the people that are highly skeptical of UFOs as well. I gained much more respect for you from this video. Thank you.

  6. ok so an officer BROKE regulations and "leaked" information… punishable under the UCMJ…NOT very likely !!! BS

  7. This is all a pentagon orchestrated thing, nilitary makes you sign Non Disclosure Agreements if they seriously dont want information released

    So Thunderfoots implication is that multiple military personnel have an intentional conspiracy to mislead us all. I was in the military in a special secirity unit and have seen black triangles outside of the military in the 90s, oddly, they are very very real.

  8. To my eye, the footage Thunderfoot shows doesn't look like the UAP footage very much, that are vast differences.

  9. lost a little faith here sacureteam … finally getting what we have been seeking for years its not even all out yet …… the 1at thing you did was call it out right away …. i get the always open your mind .. but cmon .. straght on the nay saying

  10. How much about Thunderf00t do you even know about? That guy has a history of antics involving shady involvement with your who's who of internet cretins. Are familiar with the name Kraut and tea? Sargon of Akkad? Mister Metokur (Internet Aristrocrat)? Just because Thunderf00t says something doesn't mean he's right. Research more into his history and internet shenanigans before putting this guy up on a pedestal.

  11. That would mean the pilots were deliberately trying to deceive us, the pilots weren't looking threw a camera, they saw it first…

  12. I'm finding the SPACE FORCE thing all a bit worrying. Why would we need protecting in space, other than meteors.

  13. All the UFO footage that was leaked until now is only a Droplet in The Bucket.

  14. Only to confusing me more I don't no why ppl who are sup is to the looking out for us ."'why""

  15. Why is the government trying to make us believe in ufos now though? After we our selfs belived for so long?

  16. So we've finally got footage of UAPs confirmed by the Pentagon, backed up by pilot eye witnesses, it's being reported on by mainstream media FINALLY, and NOW you are deciding to question the authenticity? Tyler, some of the stuff you've put up as authentic sightings, while highly entertaining and thought-provoking, has been complete shit. Come on, man. Don't do this now.

  17. But why continue to tell anything as Obama did: "We don’t know what it really is". This is false, completely false, YOU know for decades WHAT THEY ARE, WHO THEY ARE. YOU HAVE LIED and continue to lie about it for nearly a century. For once in your life, leaders of the planet, whether you are black or white, show dignity. History as it is told to us is a mess of stupidities and you know it, so, damn it, open your mouth properly and be proud of your actions, it will certainly be the one and only time of your life.
    This video only serves to amuse the people. The thousands of files and top-secret videos held by American authorities far exceed the most fantastic fiction films, the only difference is that it is not fiction.

  18. You assume those are FAA lights. It's a flashing light. That's all you know or can assume. You see no color . And those triangles do not look light air planes at all. They are triangle.

  19. Yes but the pilot said he looked out of his window and saw the tic tac he saw it close up and he said it had no wings no propulsion in the radar clocked it and going from 0 to 60,000 ft and under a second.

  20. Luke 21:25. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; 26. Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

  21. GREAT video, being a healthy skeptical is GOOD not bad 👍 Those who can't handle it have pea 🧠, keep up the good work❗

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