Leslie Kean from The New York Times on Surviving Death and a potential UFO bubble bust

Notable journalists, Leslie Kean from The New York Times joins Chrissy Newton to speak about the popular Netflix’s documentary and her book “Surviving Death”. Known for her journalistic work in the paranormal field, Leslie speaks to her research experience and what motivates her to continuously seek the truth. With mentions of her father and family life growing up, Leslie gives Chrissy a glimpse of her spiritual side and how she came to the position she’s currently in researching UFO’s and the concept of life after death.

Will there be a potential UFO bubble bust? Could the 180 Day Report say it’s both UFOs and foreign technology? And could conscience be a product or the brain or a divine act? Or could it be both? All of these questions and more are examined.

Join us, as we get rebelliously curious.

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13 Comments on “Leslie Kean from The New York Times on Surviving Death and a potential UFO bubble bust”

  1. Did anyone else catch the recent interview with Mellon where he hinted at the possibility of the uap phenomena consisting of more than one actor?

  2. Brain researchers have for many years now stimulated, with electrodes, areas of the brain that bring about auditory (music), visual, smell, and touch consciousness to patients. So we know for certain the brain plays a very big part in over-all Human Consciousness.

  3. CNN reported that 2 senators that received the classified briefing stated “the public would be disappointed” from the content of the briefing.

  4. Leslie's book on UFOs opened my eyes and sent me on a trail of research. I was not a believer. Now I am. I was even more skeptical about reading her book on surviving death. Her book introduced me to Ian Stevenson's work and has sort of overturned my life.

  5. I think the report will catch the attention of many not because what's in the report, but what's left out of the report. If this rumor is true it seems that many in the media will pick up on it. To me it sounds like the hypothesis of Russia or China making this leap will be diminished in the report. Not outright dismissed, but worded in such a way to slowly withdraw that theory. Basically a report that makes it clear they're not US inventory or R&D. Makes a long-winded & calculated statement that it's unlikely Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Saudia Arabia etc etc to have such a technological jump. They don't have any obvious evidence of being extraterrestrial. Yet, can say with high confidence these are far beyond human ingenuity. Ending the unclassified report there which will speak volumes as to what they're thinking without typing another word.

  6. Once we "cross the line" pertaining to UFO's, i believe there will be a massive class action lawsuit against the US government by the experiencers for 70 years of perjury.

  7. Regarding surviving death : plenty of stories and documentaries of children that remember a past life from a very early age. Or do you truely believe these kids all got the past life information from TV ? 🤣

  8. It does not matter if the public are ready for the truth or not. They will have to accept the reality that UFOs are not from this World and are therefore ALIEN!
    Not admitting this is cognitive dissonance and madness.

  9. I had a similar experience as Leslie – in the first edition of my book I didn’t write about my experiences with Shado People because of the potential stigma. I decided to include in the second edition because I felt it happened for a reason. Great interview btw 🙏🏼

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