20 Comments on “LIVE: Baby Cemetery in Sierra Nevada Mountains”

  1. possibly attempt to get a @Land Rover sponsorship

    & if the dead are indeed aware of you at those coordinates
    you likely look like outlandish futuristic concept art.

  2. Best nighttime excursion yet…keep’em coming Tim!!! Oh yeah…next time give me call and I’ll go with ya!

  3. Another great video Tim!! I love your stuff man.. Ive been following your channel since the beginning and i just wanna say a huge thank you to you guys for what you do. Please can i ask though, even though i love every video you put out, including the live stuff.. Could you also do a few old school edited videos again too?! That'd be awesome, especially with that eary S1 and S2 incidental music, that stuff was hard!! Lol keep up the great work bro. — Nik, from Scotland. 😀

  4. I would have put the ghost equipment by the adults as they know English and are of age, an infant wouldn't understand anything you said..ghost or not..

  5. Guys you have to check this information out! I have never before seen REAL PICS of Extra-terrestrials. Well I call them 4th Dimensional beings!

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