LIVE EARTHQUAKE FOOTAGE FOX 11NEWS 3/17/2014 UFO SIGHTING On Live TV. A sun shaped UFO disc in sight.then disappears!



  1. HAARP Bluebeam preparing the minds of the masses for the arrival of the 'old gods' / aliens/ ascended masters/ FALLEN ANGELS

  2. laser beam!  You know like when there  is just one house in the neighborhood that gets blow to tooth pics and the rest of the hood is fine….laser!….

  3. Electrostatic discharge after earthquake, almost always happens. again something I was taught in high school and is common knowledge.
    Seems people are getting stupider every generation in the USA
    also doesn't have the "I was watching faux news" going for him ether….

  4. Even if the earth did release a static discharge, it's highly uncommon but it's not completely rare, a full intact circle? A complete circular shape followed by a wave… But no ripples or distortion in its shape?? It looks emitted.. Again. I know it's likely for the earth to discharge in a form caused the rubbing together of the rocks but this shape looks rather unique

  5. Me an my wife took pics of a flashing ufo yesterday at arround 11:00am close to calpoly in pomona it was hiding behind a cloud !!!

  6. Can see how you would think UFO but light phenomenon has been associated with quakes and it looks like a light the way it fades out

  7. Light reflecting from low flying clouds after a transformer exploded during the small quake

  8. 🙏No ones here to bash, be negative, just opinions please! Btw UFO doesn't mean alien just it's an Un-identified object seen in the sky in pitch darkness way up in the sky! That happens to look like it's moving fast flying in/out in blink of an eye!

  9. Great video ! Thank you for sharing it with all of us ,cause when I read some of comments I got sick and upset from some "smart a##" people who will say or write anything ,just to make this original video fake or to find stupid explanation for the obviously weird bloom in the sky at the same time the earthquake happened…Great catch..and thank you one more time..!!

  10. I heard an explosion that same time i was awake here in North Hollywood, Ca, to be honest I though it was a meteor or nuclear bomb that had crashed cause i heard the echo and explosion. I havnt been this scared cause my reaction to it was a bomb or meteor not even a quake by itself came in mind.  Car alarms where going off and dogs barking. This was more than an earthquake. Strange to me that they changed the location of the epicenter of the quake back to Encino. Many friends told me they though it was an explosion too. Im baffled by this and have no idea what it could have been. 

  11. It would be interesting to know the exact position of the light: Is it up in the sky or over a hill? It would explain many things…

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