LIVE Moon May 31, 2020 (Triangle UFO: 41:06)

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12 Comments on “LIVE Moon May 31, 2020 (Triangle UFO: 41:06)”

  1. Well that is something else. Elevated towers or hovering craft, a man hole . A ton of weird circle imprints, you can see on the Apollo footage, documentary that recently came out.. You see a few of those weird fake craters and the trails right before the footage goes off and it cuts to the people in the station on Earth and they are pointing at the computer screen in front of them showing the Moon footage. It was a little detail I noticed in the documentary. Imagine the Moon being dug into, hollowed out and made to a livable climate.

  2. Imagine when they first went up there and hovered by the huge structures, they probably shit their pants. Thanks so much for your work, it's a great service. Just staring at the dark side of the Moon so many inconsistencies. The answers are there for all to see

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