LIVE ! Press Review: Mellon changes gear, Loeb the Philospher, Rendall's analyses, NYPOST guns


Shadows of Your Mind magazine :

What do they really know ? M S Morgan

Graeme Rendall

0:00 Introduction
0:37 The UAPTF Preliminiary assesment’s essential points of interest
10:01 Christopher Mellon’s Extraterrestrial Hypothesis
24:47 Christopher Mellon’s Analyis of the UAPTF preliminry assesment
39:41 Executive summary of the 2004 Nimitz encounter
42:46 UAP Theory’s Propulsion Model
43:47 Graeme Rendall’s Analysis of the UK House of the Lords debate
1:12:18 New York Post’s hypocrisy
1:21:44 Avi Loeb’s human worthiness to extraterrestrial contact
1:23:36 New Zealand’s UFO history
1:27:56 Graeme Rendall’s new book
1:28:30 Questions from the audience : WHere does your interest in the subject come from?
1:30:41 Wich will be the first country on Earth making the disclosure?
1:35:31 For the Calvin Case, did the people who took the pictures testify?
1:40:26 Will humans unify under a threat narrative?
1:44:09 Can you make laws to protect all entities with high consciousness?
1:48:17 How to avoid a threat narration?
1:55:16 Shadow of your mind magazine and border750

Christopher Mellon :

Graeme Rendall


Avi Loeb

New Zealand

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